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The Digital response to COVID-19
The effects of COVID-19 present an unprecedented opportunity for the Eastern Caribbean to create new economic activity through digital skills.
From adversity to advantage
As we move from adversity to advantage. One thing is for sure. We must now choose how we position ourselves. Virtual presence is our new normal.
Clarity, Simplicity and Success.
I cannot think of a better time for business, or self analysis. The start of the year and decade and 2020 vision. Time for Clarity, Simplicity and Success.
The fresh way of things.
We believe in difference, change, making a new conversation. Focused content for trusted relationships. Join us for the fresh way of things.
Ads and Captive Audiences
An airport, no matter the location, or most comfortable seat, is a tedious place to be. So as a captive audience, you read the back lit ads.
Custom MountainTop® for Carnival
The art of MountainTop® custom labelling becomes critically important when you contribute to the hydration and colour of Vincy Mas 2019!
Avoid the drama and fever of Change
All too often we find companies who refuse to avoid the drama and fever of change. Our experience has taught us to embrace evolution, adjustment and patience. Do dedication and the work and success will come.
Everything is in The Bag
We package everything now. Holidays have ceased to be an adventure.  Hotels urge us to ‘purchase the package’.  Has the quality become irrelevant?
The Influence of Content
The influence of Content is stronger than ever and is now the buoyant currency of customer communication. In our way of thinking, it always has been.
What’s in Your Name
Your name, whether it be company or brand, should tell the story. It holds the majority of the value of your brand, due to its omnipresence, so it is the most critical of all brand elements.  It's inherent meaning will evolve, dependent on how your brand is received.  Conversely, the name will shape that reception.
Your voice, your journey
Finding your business Voice is not about shouting. It begins with listening to your higher self and clarifying who you are, where you stand and what you say; finding the confidence of your unique identity. You are your business and your great idea, at the core of your product. Your Voice will tell the benefits of your brand and the narrative of your Journey.
We say it like it is
If there are characteristics which define the performance of any design company, they are the ability to decipher what clients want and map the journey to what they need. At PresentImage® we give that honesty to our clients, in the knowledge that at all points of our strategic relationship, we act not only on their behalf, but we say it like it is.
Steady Evolution and Patience
At PresentImage we believe in steady evolution, with a focus on patience. From the outset, we develop clarity of thought, vision and action, to create the root and path for our clients, to grow and expand towards business longevity.
Finding The Poem of Your Business
Words and images solicit, yes, but strategy is the road map to find the poem of your business. We create new ways to hear and see your story, while at the same time, refining the words and syntax, emphasis and focus; adjustments to clarify who we wish you to be heard by.
The role of design has evolved
The role of design has evolved and with it, our landscape of expectations. Design now encompasses deeper and more far reaching matters than the simple function and form considerations of the past. However, the fusion of Identity, branding, marketing, analysis and the traditional visual role of design is not a particularly new combination, even if the intentions and outcomes have changed.
Our Integrated Approach to Visibility
Presentimage is first and foremost a design company.   We developing ideas, identities and strategiesto gain business visibility for our[...]
You are the brand
Corporate, product or service, if it represents your effort at its core, then you are the brand. Presentimage will help you establish your business voice.
Putting Christmas back in Balance
It’s carnival time for consumerism again.  Black Friday now lasts all month and online purchases outstrip store sales; it’s the pinnacle[...]
Staying on Point
With only days to go before the United States Presidential Election it is all too apparent that we have forever said goodbye to a rich democratic process, steeped in tradition, which was once the envy of the world. That, and an inability to stay on Point.
My identity is not this Tattoo, it’s my singular personality…
Your uniqueness is not your logo, your uniform, or even your tattoo. These are characteristics and components. Your identity, is all that you say, how you look, what you do and do for others, your opinion and your perspective.

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