in 2021
we celebrated our 25th anniversary,
embraced our past and look to our future.

In the past 25 years we have had the privilege of working with many businesses who had simple ideas and asked us to give life to them. 

From labels and packaging which have won international awards, identities which represent regional companies, or simply an entire region, to websites which create consistently successful returns on investment. The diversity of our work has given us invaluable experience and success.

Our presence today would not have been possible without our many clients.  Partnerships and ideas which have withstood the test of time and those who trusted us from our inception. 
Twenty-five years on, they continue to show trust and confidence in our capabilities.  

As we embark on the next chapter of PresentImage, we rely on what we have learned and experienced; a foundation which works well for us.  We plan ahead and prepare for the abundance of possibilities to share in our future.

Thank you. 

Going Digital part 1
Going Digital, part 1 of a four part series. A fresh view of work, thanks to COVID-19. We address this new normal with online business and a new future.
Going Digital part 2
Going Digital part 2 of 4, we dig deeper into having, building and positioning your own business online, developing, planning, deploying and making it real.
Going Digital part 3
Going Digital part 3 of 4, we talk of knowing your business limits and your efforts to maximise your returns and choosing how your business fits your life.
Going Digital part 4
Going Digital. In part 4 of our series, we look at various business examples and what they need, to maximise their potential.

who we are

Designers of authentic
identity & content.

what we do

We create identity and communication tools,
to effectively explain your
brand value to your audience.

Our clients are unique.
We create and implement
custom built strategies
in online and traditional media

giving life to ideas

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What we say
'What we say' is our perspective on the work we do and other interests, how passionate we are about design and how content influences business.
What We Do
A collection of client projects which illustrate what we do, the breadth and depth of our work and the diversity of our services and solutions.
Drum Brae Gallery
This is a virtual gallery, featuring the work of Gordon Keddie, professional artist, designer and creative director of PresentImage.
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