who we are
Designers, information architects, authentic content creators and specialised image managers, who develop a broad range of corporate identity programs, brands, packaging and communication tools.

explain your brand value
through content driven

communications and strengthen
your brand engagement, by allowing your customers
to make educated choices.

focus and support your
product-to-customer relationship,
fostering loyalty, growth and enhanced market presence.

we give life to ideas
that work and endure.

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What we say
What We Say, as identity and brand specialists and designers, is our perspective on what we do and things of interest,[...]
What We Do
What We Do. A collection of projects which illustrate the breadth and depth of our work and diversity of our services.​[...]
Drum Brae Gallery
Welcome to Drum Brae Gallery. This virtual gallery, features the work of Gordon Keddie, professional artist, designer and creative director of Present Image[...]
​​If you are about to contact us with a project inquiryplease click on the button below which will provide you[...]
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