Ads and Captive Audiences

Ads and Captive Audiences

An airport, no matter the location, world renowned architect or most comfortable seat, is a tedious place to be.
The more remote the connection, the longer the wait. So you browse the duty free, eat the take away and as a captive audience, read the back lit ads.

So it would only be fair and reasonable that the content of these well lit introductions to lifestyles, locations and products, be bubbling over with colour, details and enticement, to lift the dreary traveller.

That’s where ECMIL, ColorbondĀ® steel and metal fabrication come into play. As a leading supplier of steel in the Caribbean, their advertising emphasises a colour and product range, and accessories, which are
remarkably photogenic!

The next time you are passing through Argyle International Airport, St. Vincent, take some time to read the back lit ads. They will transport you from airport tedium and introduce you to a new perspective on steel roofing, accessories and fabrication!