You are the brand

Corporate, product or service,
if it represents you and your effort at its core, then you are the . 

You have fashioned your offer around your higher thoughts and principles.  Not just some lonely symbol, somehow swaying interest by its cleverness, but all of the limitless characteristics that lift and speak, persuade and define all that you uniquely offer.

Finding that stripped down clear headed, direct is hard.  No compromise, memorable, decisive, pragmatic with class and style, right out on the edge of what we expect; confounding and at the same time, strangely familiar and confident.

...right out on the edge of what we expect

It is not a populist .  Rather, it is concealed but natural, appearing when called and transcendent of social media.  It is legendary and ever ; Picasso, CocaCola, Biba, Apple, Madonna, McDoom et al.  We all know names and reasons why their identities are so prominent, defined by what they have done and by the assumption of a ‘spark’.

But the question always remains
“what was that particular chemistry, that allowed them to shine?” 

New and nervous you follow, but want to lead. Fear of failure is equal to the fear of success; they both block the path to that unique identity, which enables that chemistry to manifest and endure.  It is a fearless fascination, which concentrates on the details of the product, not the suit that sells it.   

That’s where Presentimage begins.

Establishing your business voice, its tone and depth and especially its volume, begins the story of your identity and as the volume and message becomes audible, so does your brand.  Piecing that story together is our business.  Leading you to its understanding, and its path is the journey you can take with us.  It has many branches and copious distractions, but our work is to maintain focus and raise the volume to the edge of an acceptable level, as we craft your identity to be heard by others; you know you, but do they know you?  Why would they want to and what would be the reason to continue?  Our checkpoints and your points of reference.

It’s not enough anymore, to spot a market opening,
make something and expect to sell it. 

There are so many more considerations now, just to be in that market. 

The global family is a world of scrutiny, openly angry and defensive, uniquely plagiarist and divisive; more snake oil than the Wild West ever saw.  So the strength of your brand and the clarity of your message must be true and straight, clear and clearly defined, open to consumer choice and inclusive of best practice, above the noise. 

As a company with great experience of a rapidly evolving market, Presentimage does not subscribe to the rising media driven concept of ‘post truth’, where the efficacy of facts is less important in shaping customer opinion than baseless emotional appeals.

Your identity and brand are why
your customers do business with you. 

They are sacred and to be protected.  Humbled by your patrons, they state the reality of a promise you can keep; the who you are and what you purvey, with integrity.

Our company’s process says “You are the brand” and the evolution of your idea, made real.  We devise the means to keep it so, by establishing your rules and face, in your words and pictures.  No car salesmen pitch or self absorbed , just real reasons  for your customers to buy, take your journey and enjoy doing it again.

If you are interested in finding your journey and becoming your brand, contact us and tell us your story.  Presentimage will help you find your voice and write the next important chapter.

Contact us today!

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