Finding The Poem of Your Business

We create new ways to
hear and see your story,

while at the same time, refining the words and syntax, emphasis and focus; adjustments to clarify who we wish you to be heard by.

One precisely targeted sale; an optimistic, contented and enthusiastic customer, who by virtue of their contentment with your product, tells others and repeats business, is worth tens of thousands of ad views.  It’s focus that draws attention, consistency and quality that creates loyalty, but above all, action that converts.

Words and images solicit, yes, but strategy is the road map to find the poem of your business.  The right words, and images in the right order ask the customer to act.  And like everything else in life, it’s not what you have done, it’s what you do next that defines you.  Well written, the offer will define the customer.  The Poem says ‘buy’.  Not just the shortest distance between two points, but the clearest, most precise journey too.

Bad poem, bad plan; confused strategy, lost customer. 

Presentimage is, in many ways, a cartographer to our clients.  We don’t pull old maps out of drawers, erase pencil marks from past journeys and use the plan over.

Using our skill and experience, gathered information and intuition and our interpretation of our client’s request, we draw new maps, search for fresh paths and define a clear strategy to begin the business of building robust solutions.

We use analogies of poetry, maps, journeys and stories, to emphasize that our process to your company’s success, is based in a quest that is as unique as your enterprise.  It is vested in discovery and refining messages.

We do not possess cookie cutters or molds to resolve business. 
Our experience and innovation are better tools to suit individual needs.

In the same way as we ask your customers to act, so we ask our clients to step outside and observe their business through their windows; take a new perspective.  Creating something new may be an individual success, but designing it to integrate with other facets of your company may pose a new and often more trying challenge.

We are used to spotting the blockages and making sure that the fluidity of new, reaches all of the existing parts.

Presentimage is a design company; from framework to strategy, through content to implementation, then development and maintenance, we will adjust and develop your story so your customers can’t put your book down.

Join us at Presentimage as we write your story and guide your business to clear conversations.

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