The role of design has evolved

The role of design has evolved
and with it, our landscape of expectations.

Design now encompasses deeper and more far reaching matters than the simple function and form considerations of the past. 

However, the fusion of Identity, branding, marketing, analysis and the traditional visual role of design is not a particularly new combination, even if the intentions and outcomes have changed.

Once upon a time, these highly refined elements were exclusively the domain of large corporate concerns, who ‘owned’ huge slices of consumer markets, through many different brand names.  The Madison Avenue Ad agencies were the support mechanism for their market control and largely still are, although their addresses have often become international.

Then came Warhol and his belief that everyone could have their fifteen minutes of fame, then the cascade of print media, the personal computer, internet and finally, social media.

Society had something to say
and had become brave enough to say it.

At worst this is now an apparent runaway train to capture the consumer, turn them into smartphone addicts and world commentators, throw caution to the wind and watch as the social media chain saw chops up everything from countries to products to personalities, in a protracted version of reality, ‘now as we speak’ and post truths.

If the experience sounds like a day at the Roman Colosseum with tigers and gladiators, then the commentators are the latter.

All of this then begs the question, how should I, and by extension, my business, approach the vast promise of social media marketing and sales and, for that matter, the internet at large, given the ravenous behavior of its audience?

 The answer is, with the same, if not more care and consideration than you initially promoted your business traditionally.  However, before that ‘big’ launch, our best recommendation is to develop your own website, as a home base and definitive reference point for any future online endeavors; detail with ‘scrutiny’ as a watchword.

You must hone what you say about yourself, clarify your offer, strengthen and deepen the personality of your enterprise and establish a strongly stated relationship with your customer base.

Once this is established, providing high quality content to your customers will create loyalty and interest.  If you send this content regularly, through a newsletter and links back to your website, you have the beginnings of social media.  Your website is no longer an internet showcase and it has form and function.

Building a Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Linkedin presence then allows your story, its components and your content to be consumed by a greater audience, all linking back to your web presence and inevitably, your offer.

At Presentimage, that’s what we do for our clients.  From Identity and Brand strategy, to website and content, online and offline advertising and management, we will see your company over the hurdles to create consistency of message and sales.

We create the idea, plan, strategy and implementation to carry your business forward with purpose, to achieve market strength and presence.

To design, according to Merriam-Webster is
to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan.’ 

Presentimage, with considerable experience, has been achieving those goals for our clients, time and again, as we navigate for them, through the forests of social media to achieve an identity or brand full of poetry.

In these times, the words within the poem are chosen more carefully than ever, as they have become ‘keys’ to connections, not just feelings and emotions.  Join us at Presentimage as we write your story and guide your business to wider conversations, and horizons.

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