my identity is not this tattoo, it's who's wearing it.

My identity is not this Tattoo, it’s my singular personality…

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Your uniqueness is not your logo, your uniform, or even your tattoo.

These are characteristics and components.  Your identity, is all that you say, how you look, what you do and do for others, your opinion and your perspective.  In other words, your singular personality.  These are the matters and understanding of your company and those who make it tick; corporate identity – the value of everything you are and how you get everyone inside onboard.

Releasing those scents and aromas outside, to attract business, is the work attributed to your brand.
The coffee shops of the world lure busy on-their-way-to-workers with the tempting flavours of freshly brewed Arabica, and hot bread, by wafting the fumes from their kitchens into the street.


It’s often the only granular memory of a big city that is left, in the frenetic early morning hustle, but vicariously it has you ‘branded’.  It is not whether you want coffee and hot rolls, it is now only a question of who from.  As the tale unfolds, we move from smell to sight, sound to crowd.  We cue with so many for a branded foam cup and paper bag and consume like addicts, the items that the aromas promised us.

While in the background the marketers develop their positioning and advertising to connect with your social politics and loves and wants, to assure you that your cup of coffee and hot bread, not only ‘super satisfy’ your senses, but appeal to your own personal vision of your aspirational status.  You must be seen with the ‘right’ coffee cup.

Cynical?  Not at all.  It is the essence of sales.  It takes advantage of every possible opportunity to attract customers and maintain return business.  If you went to the perfume department you would not expect to smell food or engine oil, so with supply meeting demand, expectations are satisfied.

Common sense lies at the heart of the sales process, and more importantly, the recognition that it is a process, about usability and how the product offer fits, almost naturally into the lives of consumers, as if it was always there and that they really can’t imagine their lives without it; credible and belonging to their particular reality.

At PresentImage that’s what we do & it’s what we understand about your business needs.

It is a continuous cycle of events, circling and tempting the consumer, until they are ‘right on time’ and happy to be swept off their feet with your offer.

Our offer is to lift your business to become the coffee shop and flavor of choice, not necessarily with a Tattoo!

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