What’s in Your Name

Your name, whether it be company or brand, should tell the story.

It holds the majority of the value of your brand, due to its omnipresence, so it is the most critical of all brand elements.  Its inherent meaning will evolve, dependent on how your brand is received.  Conversely, the name will shape that reception.

In our early days, we were very self conscious about our complete registered name,  Present Image Design Limited.  We spent a great deal of time in its creation.  We went to great lengths to spread the word, or in this case, four words, which embodied who we were, what we represented and did.

This exposure extended to staff shirts; breast pocket logo on the front, full company name on the back.  Each time our staff were in the street, those who knew them would not call their names, but instead, shouted “Hey, PresentImage!”  Clients paying by cheque at our offices would write ‘PresentImage’ automatically, before we corrected them.  The frequency increased.  The bank was instructed to accept the short or long versions of our precious name. 

If naming is how you tell the story of your brand in a word, then over twenty years ago, our clients decided to tell it for us. We unequivocally became ‘PresentImage’.  Their decision was final and conclusive, as our name was propelled into the business culture of the Eastern Caribbean.  Our brand experience has been meaningful and key in this positive recognition of a simple word. 

The quality of experience is equal to the response.

The four syllable word, has always represented how one’s image was presented, as well as it being ‘in the present’, in the ‘now’. It is still driving our company, keeping us focused and constantly renewing our resolve to evolve our service.  Without compromise we embrace ever higher standards of work, to the ultimate benefit of our clients.

A great name and an equal brand experience make quick, easy work for people to make a clear choice.  Sometimes the choice is over competitors, but mostly its a firm decision, regardless of others.

That name associates positive characteristics with successful outcomes.

A successful name, in having such a dramatic one word effect, must leave no doubts in its narrative, no weakness in its story.  To do this, you must know what you are describing, who you are telling and have a clear picture of what you want to say.

We create a brief which includes our clients’ preferences and dislikes and what the name must achieve.  Is the name appropriate, familiar, boring, industry centric, comfortable, or even available? Does it have ease of use across other cultures and languages?

Example: the name Gordon. 
Some shorten it to Gord, others to Gordo.
Gordo in Spanish means ‘Fat’.

You get the idea.

We review our client’s business and intentions – the story. Then develop a cache of value words and statements, which best describe the company and its dynamic in its market.  We play ‘devil’s advocate’ and prune our list of words, until we arrive at a ‘possibles’ list, then review the up and downsides of each option.

Inevitably, we arrive at a presentable shortlist and the most important question, “Which one are we most comfortable with and does it tell the story of the company we know?”

This may seem like an overly exhaustive process, to arrive at a name.  It is of greatest necessity to create the perfect word.  Unless, as can occasionally happen, the apple cart is upturned by a flash of pure genius from left field, creating an unforeseen perspective and a name which defies the odds.

There is a particularly dramatic upheaval of soul searching, philosophical and practical research and deep seated intuition and experience, to make a name appear that feels surprisingly familiar and uniquely, simply and refreshingly appropriate.  Let us make a name for yourself…

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