Welcome to Drum Brae Gallery. 

This virtual gallery, features the work of Gordon Keddie, professional artist, designer and creative director of Present Image Design .

Mr Keddie's original artwork is available to all collectors, through this online facility, or by private viewing, at Drum Brae House, by appointment only.

Art Classes

Art Classes are also offered by
Mr. Keddie on an individual basis
to beginners and advanced artists alike.

  • FEES

For Beginners

Introduction to Materials, figure and object drawing.
Drawing as the fundamental planning tool within painting.
Composition, developing ideas, sketching and transfer to canvas.
Best practices and approach to the practical art of picture creation.
Basic colour theory and its practical application to painting.
The execution of ‘finished’ work in drawing and painting.


To contact us, take this link and send us your request and details.  Everything is in strictest confidence.

Art for Hire

We offer the rental of original artwork to businesses or individuals, wishing to enhance their office, home or events environment.
Unless commissioned to produce specific pieces, we can only provide the works that are available in stock, at the time of your request.
 A large part of our daily work is finding solutions to problems that include the elements of design, presentation, overall creativity, fine art and translating our clients wishes into tangible success.
Please contact us and explain what you need and what you are trying to achieve.