Our Integrated Approach to Visibility

Presentimage is first and foremost a design company.  

We developing ideas, identities and strategiesto gain business visibility for our clients.

From image and graphic to concept, byline and copy, on and off line campaign to content development, each of our clients brings a unique set of challenges, to be met with custom solutions.

We do so with an holistic philosophy.

We believe in an integrated approach to the creation of a company’s identity and strategy to connect with its market and environment; a synergy between business elements, because simply, all aspects of a company’s strategy are interrelated.

After all, it’s a company, not a disparate collection of elements, which have no connected purpose.  Each part of the machine serves a role, which in consort, gives the machine its purpose.

When making fundamental identity, marketing, promotional and ad campaign decisions, they should be based upon a common organizational objective.  This demands clear consideration and confident decision making, as they impact directly at the core values of the dialogue with your employees, suppliers, customers, stakeholders and even the communities you serve.

On the face of it, you might ask about the seeming complexity of a strategy which has synergy with all elements.  In fact, it does demand organisation to work efficiently.  It does not perform well with departmental rivalries, blurred lines of process or casual, poorly implemented initiatives, or for that matter, companies who lack an overall understanding of corporate identity or brand, character and function.  It is however, fully inclusive, embracing the following four essentials of our integration framework;


Relationshipsbuilding strong, long-lasting relationships with all important stakeholders connected to the business, and requires retention and growth of each individual relationship over time, so as to significantly impact and sustain the success of the company.


A Single Message of Integrationworks towards making marketing decisions, focused on value for stakeholders, through a clear, concise message.  All activities within this integration, including advertising, PR, direct marketing, online communications and social media marketing work in sync with one another, to ensure that customers and business partners have the same experience with and perception of the company.


Internal InclusionThis element is aimed at considering the specific needs of employees. It ensures that they are satisfied with the work they perform each day and are fully aware of the role they play in the organisation as a whole.

Greater satisfaction amongst employees leads to increased customer satisfaction over time, while creating better coordination amongst internal departments and a significant reduction in departmental conflicts.  This is a key aspect of integration in any company.


Social ResponsibilityThis element reaches beyond a business to customer relationship and touches the company’s role in society.  Ethically sound business practices, such as environmentally friendly production, or useful and sustained interaction with the community are best examples. This approach  builds confidence and relevance in the greater society partnership which is often poorly characterised as good corporate citizen, a term often abused by less than philanthropic marketing departments.

With these four elements at work, Presentimage seeks to develop a blanket culture of unification, while enabling businesses to become comfortable in their own unique skin.  The wealth of who you are, as a company, is borne out in quality of relationships you have.  They are the single largest reason for return business.Add to that a consistent flow of custom-built, unbiased, open-minded content, from your brand to your  customers and you have evolved the dynamic to a partnership, where your role is advisory as well as retailer.

Contact us to bring integration to your company’s story.  Presentimage will help you rewire, so all of the machine parts work in tandem and your message is not only heard, but received and creates a completely positive and inclusive response.

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