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Staying on Point

With only days to go before the United States Presidential Election it is all too apparent that we have forever said goodbye to a rich democratic process.

This well established ‘journey’ was steeped in tradition, which was once the envy of the world.
Now it even seems to have perpetuated a real problem staying on point.

It has been firmly replaced by the culture of abuse, media-mania, school yard terrorism and reality threats.  The script was thrown away since the Primaries, giving way to a designed to ‘excite’ and irreparably the world in a new age branding, created to mask real issues and important truths.

There is an overwhelming cynicism
which generates these complex, but common lies.

More cynical yet, the teenage styled demand that you show your interest and ‘follow’ the candidates, swallow the collection of ‘fix it’ pills they prescribe and get swept away on a magic carpet ride of fantasy solutions and unrealistic interpretations of current events. 

Finally, when you have gorged yourself on the overexposure to moral improprieties, half truths, endless variations of the same panel conversations and the slew of racial, gender and class issues and insults, you are urged to ‘Like’ them, at the voting booth.  The archetypal snake oil salesman at his very darkest, has hijacked our higher social media selves, by successfully playing the classroom brat and the world will never be quite the same again.

But the presidency is one of those singularly inverted stories, where you win before you play and deliver.  You get to be king without lineage and you develop your real after you are sworn in.

This, ultimately, is where the story will unravel and the snake oil will be debunked.  The lie will fall apart, if only too late for a great many who bought the bottle.

This whole frenzy should be, to all of us in business,
a cautionary tale.

Pundits, marketers, specialists, video and sound editors, data analysts and even body language interpreters, normally steeped in the workings of product and service advertising have never been more involved in this shades of grey world of politics. 

Here there are blurred boundaries and no watchdogs with a moral conscience.  This is a hollow characterless desert, with few oases, where a brand is constantly repainted to suit the next unwitting recipients of an ever evolving, while revolving message.

If the recipient needs and demands drive the party message, then the almost unintelligible core values of this presidential election suggest a broken and disengaged audience who vary from very angry and confused, to couch potato reality show addicts merely egging on the media in their post truth forum.

Simply speaking, the message and purpose has got lost in a morass of statistics, unqualified opinions and overkill. The information age has given permission to the media to treat the serious matter of choosing a leader as grounds for the perfect reality show.  Ratings not votes, commentary not commitment, derision not decision.  This has exposed the world to the very opposite of fair play, with no boundaries, while creating grounds for a complete overhaul of the election process.

We all know the familiar market driven sounds of a salesman’s pitch; it’s like pizza.  When it’s hot we disregard our food running down our hand as we eat it up, but when it’s cold it’s just congealed and somewhat cheesy.

It can only stay hot if it stays on point.  Keep to the script and speak positively about the benefits and value of what you are selling.  Maintain sincerity and give examples of the potential benefits to your potential customer, but never digress from the point. 

What you are selling is the primary reason you are there.  You have distracted individuals and created an audience for the sole purpose of influencing them, in a positive manner, to buy your offer. 

Inherent within your message should be your , which exudes confidence. Hand in hand with this is your brand, which is notable and unique.  If you have emphasized the values and benefits sufficiently, your confidence and uniqueness will not only derive sales, but have, through the quality and performance of your product, created repeat business.

We view our job as getting your business and message on point
and keeping it there. 

That is the success of .  We want your clients to respect your work and your brand and be as willing to talk to others about your company as you are.

Our delivery solutions will reflect the best of your message while presenting you as the go to guy for your industry. 

The making of a success story is not written in intrigue and deception, empty promises and false media hype.  It is the tale of systematic attention to the integrity of the offer and the company.  You can’t really have one without the other, in the long term.

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