Putting Christmas back in Balance

It’s carnival time for consumerism again. 

Black Friday now lasts all month and online purchases outstrip store sales; it’s the pinnacle of branded retail bliss.  

With the evolution of seasonal shopping patterns, it appears that the clinical efficiency of online sales threatens to destroy another part of the human culture of shopping and business.  We need both to be who we enjoy. 

The behavior of the common or garden shopper is temporarily thrown into frenzy, driven by the media, into a must have obsession, like hunting for water in the desert.  Then, in days to come, with a huge warm hug of retail forgiveness,you are back in the store where exchanges and returns become the order of the day.  The wrong size is righted and the blue one, superseded by red; the calm after the storm.

there has always been a sense of reassurance that the humans are still there, battling for what they want...

Regardless of the often farcical high street shopping wars for bargains, there has always been a sense of reassurance that the humans are still there, battling for what they want, as they justify the and sales department’s gargantuan efforts to whoop up the shopper’s blood pressure and boost that pre season fourth quarter profit.

It’s an enormous reality check to consider
that the all-pervasive ‘online presence’ is now commonplace. 

As in almost all walks of life, what started as a convenient alternative, has become a necessity, with more statistical projections and analysis than a baseball game.  From email to retargeting and prospecting, the mechanisms to drive the consumer down that slippery sales funnel seem endless, almost obsessive and invasive.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Taking the risk of being damned for eternity by the great steamroller of contemporary online marketing, our company preaches temperance, with a fair helping of humanity; those pesky characteristics that set us apart from the androids and apples. These are the unique qualities which give us the space to make unexpected choices and be unconventional.

We may think or be expected to, at the speed of the net and allow our minds to be boxed in by the shiny appearance of functionality and ease of use, but for this to become helpful to our continued expansion as a thinking expressive life form, our businesses and personalities, environments and experiences must still possess the opportunity to be non conformist.

We must feed the Beast of Difference.

That is what branding and is about.  It is what must come out, to be perceived as trustworthy, credible and outside of the crowd. After all, to know what everyone else knows is to know nothing, regardless of how safe it makes you feel on social media.

It’s for that and many other reasons that is first and foremost a company.  That’s not just another exponent of a refined visual path, it’s the connection to a human process, being generous with the consumer experience and enjoying the fact that our clients interact with their customers. We built the process to include them, regardless of on or offline.

There are many tried and tested paths to achieve the basic goals of business, but the truth remains that there is no one size fits all solution to success.  Knowing you and your product, believing in its efficacy, sharing the value of it with your customers and as you do so, continuously working to refine the offering, is the most fruitful and  journey.

Presentimage will work with your new or existing business
to create that environment. 

We understand the critical role of unique branding, a strong, flexible and a company of those who know themselves.

The cyber age presents many attractive opportunities, with promises that they will, at the press of a button, resolve all business desires.  The Möbius strip of contemporary marketing, who’s goal is to tie the consumer to its endless one side with one boundary, can only follow the infinite looping path and never spiral outwards.

Presentimage believes in the development of clearly stated, understandable and helpful , well-defined products and services, genuine consumer benefits and individuality to perpetuate long-term loyalty.  This can be achieved by a well-balanced combination of off and online resources to the best possible offer, without immersing the customer in scripted confusion.

As the season plows through sales and comes to a rest, if only because of exhaustion and ‘out of stockness’, over indulgence and over exposure, we ponder on what our world will be in the coming year.  We invite you to contact us and add a new perspective to your business goals, and possibly a new way to manage them.

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At Presentimage, we thank you for your interest in our work and wish all of our clients, associates and friends the very best for the Season and for the promise of a wonderful year to come.

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