Avoid the drama and fever of Change

Avoid the drama and fever of Change

All too often we find companies who refuse to avoid the drama and fever of change.

Our experience has taught us to embrace evolution, adjustment and patience.  Do dedication and the work and the success will come.

Many of our contemporaries offer change as a fix all; a guarantee of success though dumping all and starting fresh. Unfortunately, there is nothing fresh about the inevitably expensive confusion and chaos which unplanned or uncontrolled ‘change’ may cause, apart from maybe the next particular version of it. 

In these days of social media and crowd logic, self-inflicted disconnection from what works, to, who knows what, in an effort to be ‘different’ and ‘grab the new’ is not a strategy.

It’s easy to climb right in, but it can take forever to get back out.

Personnel, money, investment, product and strategy can become a tangled ball of string if a single path is not thought out, in the middle of sales targets and expansion.

From the outset, we spend a great deal of time developing simplicity; a clarity of thought, vision and action, which creates the root and path for our clients, to grow and expand towards business longevity.

Rosser Reeves, one of the great 1960s architects of modern advertising created his principle of the ‘Single Minded Proposition’.
It simply suggested that the offer should provide a specific benefit, which was totally unique, would move masses and win over new customers. His proposition related largely to advertising.

We saw this as a basis to create a clear approach towards identity and branding, production and development, product and sales.  Ours is an integrated and holistic single-mindedness.  A strong sense of strategy, which embraces well crafted dynamism and evolution.  It has a plan. The plan evolves. It keeps its sense and its uniqueness, while ingesting challenges and successes as part of a greater learning curve.  Reeves unique selling point matured, deepened and refined.

Our work strengthens our clients, and reveals opportunities, new conversations and connections to markets, without losing its centre.

There is no fanfare for steady evolution, just an enduring and increasing customer confidence, as our clients achieve stronger overall market recognition.  A business needs a confident market.  PresentImage will help you build reliability and consistency to bring that trust and nurture it.

 Join us at Presentimage as we clarify your proposition, with our particular brand of dynamic patience.

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