Clarity, Simplicity and Success.

I cannot think of a better time for business, or self analysis.

The start of the year and decade, a reference to sharp vision in our date and so many global upheavals, traumas and destabilising events, not to mention the environmental crisis, all point to rapid change on a monumental scale, testing our metal and resolve.  The flux is on!

Taking stock is often a painful, confrontational task.

We quizzically reference it when we pay lip service to New Year’s resolutions or fatuous, unreachable goals, but when we break through the pain barrier of our own “ If it works, don’t fix it” attitude, that confrontation reappears as opportunity.

I’m not talking about a Tony Robbins style,
with cheerleader psychology.  

This is housekeeping.  Rearranging the drawers and getting rid of extraneous junk, balls of confusion, matters left for later and all that dust.  Then looking at how we can simplify our own message to better speak to others, in the knowledge that our housekeeping is up to date, cleaned, refurbished and far more efficient.  It’s all about a new chance.

Our first rule of communication is to keep the message short, succinct and to the point.

If you are speaking, be heard without shouting and provide a meaningful message.

So often in our personal and business lives, we digress and lose our listeners, acquiesce and lose the point of our arguments, become timid in the face of challenge and lose our way, track or journey because we took too many roads, all at once.

Being distracted is as corporate as it is personal, as human as it is frustrating and is as forgivable as it is misleading.  Getting back on track requires that essential housekeeping.

As identity developers, we are presented with corporate or brand mission statements, grandly announcing intention after intention, hope upon hope, which, in overview, often bares little resemblance to the existing enterprise or its future goals.  In our role as designers, we find similar anomalies between “what we thought we looked like” and actual appearance.

Intention is no substitute for achievement.  Clarifying and simplifying what you wish to happen, casts a bright light on what you want and the path to get there.

Experience tells us that the shortest distance between two points allows for more focus, with far less chance of diversion and losing the thread of what you wish to achieve.

Getting the language, the volume and the poetry right, is the essence of great communication, especially when your timing and the space between statements become measured and intentional.  The dramatic pause, change of rhythm, or shift of dynamic, speaks volumes to the viewer or listener and evolves your presence in your marketplace.

Speak to us and tell us what you want to say, visually and verbally.  We can simplify your message, clarify its intent and place you on a far more determined path to success.