Everything is in The Bag

We package everything now.

Holidays have ceased to be an adventure. 
Hotels constantly urge us to ‘purchase the package’. 

Like greedy children at the fish and chip shop, we want as many fries as the bag can handle and so much ketchup.  The quality has become, in so many situations, irrelevant.  We have superseded that 60s cry of “the size that counts”, with ‘extras’.  These are marginal add-ons, to entice the unsuspecting bargain seeker to be sucked down the sales funnel of dubious offers.

Even Quality Control can now be influenced online,
by star ratings, likes, opinions, threats and complaints.

So we must be extremely careful about what the bag is, what we put in it and how we self regulate the quality of our ‘offer’ to potential customers. 

Above all, what we claim, becomes the defining moment of the ‘package’.

There was a time when strict guidelines, layouts and declarations helped the manufacturer and consumer alike, with what we packaged, how we did it and what we were allowed to say.  Those parameters still exist for physical packages, but what of these convenient ‘virtual’ groups and marketer generated ‘carrots’.  ‘Keyword’ data drives the new route to sales, with language which seduces, even if the item is remarkably substandard.

Without a doubt, my favorite is the phrase ‘incentive package’.  I assumed that the package was an incentive.  Does this imply that there are ‘discouragement packages’ too?

If we have become too compartmentalized, it’s maybe because there is a more insidious plan afoot.

There is a disconnect between what it is and what is said about it.

The world of marketer-driven bottom lines, cramming us into little boxes and bamboozling us with this ‘Plan‘ and that ‘Package‘ is no more obvious, than with communications providers. Their sales pitching plays on our increasingly obsessive need for more information in our pockets and less time breathing, so we use more.

There is a social frenzy, manufactured by marketing, which does little to enhance the quality of a business product or offer, placing the often well meaning enterprise at the mercy of crowd attacks.

Presentimage packages products and promotes good ideas, for companies who believe that their products and services meet or surpass their customers’ expectations.  When they fall short, they put it right, in a manner which is filled with genuine concern, under the banner of confident brands.

We help our clients build those important relationships, by connecting quality, value, knowledge and support for their work in their markets.  We also develop social media interest, as well as traditional advertising, by promoting the brand and its value.

We don’t just leave the ‘package’ on the shelf, but we are critically aware of how automated and impersonal a true service can become, when an option or a benefit becomes a bag of tricks.

Essentially, the primary elements of packaging are presentation, protection, shelf life and above all, ease of use.  These are the characteristics we bring to all of our clients’ products, services and how to sell them.

Open a new conversation with us and positively repackage your offer!

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