Going Digital

part 3 of a four part series

In part 2, we spoke of going it alone; the DIY approach and understanding the role that a website/ online presence will play in your venture.

We also touched on how Presentimage can help the process of identity building and choosing your online elements to automate your business.

In part 3, we talk of knowing your business and your limits, honing your efforts to maximise your returns, being able to choose how your business fits your life and getting comfortable with your idea as it becomes real.
Will your business be sustainable, renewable and replaceable, tangible or intangible? Is there a market/ demand for it and how will you get it to your customer? Do you have the skills and talents, discipline and ability to do all, or will you develop partnerships? Is this local, national, regional or global?

These are part and parcel of the realities of creating a sustainable enterprise.
They clear the way to know your business and it’s limits..

If you intend to provide a product or service based business, whose day to day management and customer contact are online, then developing a company website, with custom business domain name is truly the way to go.

You may have a burning desire to work for yourself, but choosing how that will manifest itself can be ticklish. The web and its services and tutorials can give you support, but not necessarily the perfect fit to your life.

The digital world is a particularly large and vastly variable marketplace broken down into those who offer: 

  • What they do themselves
  • What they sell for others
  • Opinion and commentary – surrounded by paid advertising.
  • What is sold at low cost or free – surrounded by paid advertising.
  • Online functional workspace and applications for rent or membership.
  • News and information – surrounded by paid advertising.
  • Personal and social life review – social media.
To name a few.
Think through the scenarios;  what you ‘need’, to do what you ‘want’.

Q. In developing your business to marketplace, where in that short list do you feel most comfortable?

Note: All provide a living, to various degrees. Some do it well and are sustainable, but all require persistence, which, in most cases, is more difficult to reach offline, but far more accessible and affordable on the web.

We are ready to assist in the development of partial or fully digital enterprises, no matter which you choose. Each of our clients is unique.

The ‘reality’ side of any business, is the need to establish and broadcast your uniqueness.

Identity, branding, business cards, flyers and signage, directory and advertising copy are as much a part of your work as a web presence. These are staple components which define you.

We began our business journey developing these items and providing them to clients, some of whom, we continue to service, in a much different way, to this day.

In part 4…

we look at various business examples and what they need to maximise their potential in this new digital framework.

In case you missed it...

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