Going Digital

part 1 of a four part series

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has become a necessity.

Thankfully, lockdown and quarantine did not mean locked up and disconnected from our lives. The digital age has provided us with a definitive system to stay engaged with our world.

Sadly, many jobs and industries which are not able to retrench or evolve have been lost, leaving huge unemployment and financial problems globally.

We must quickly look to new skills and means by which to support our lives. Working from home with online connections to our employers has now become common place, often maintaining business while reducing company overheads.

Those less fortunate are turning to a digital world to find their place, and income, on this business highway.

To assist you in finding your way through this vast labyrinth, to discover new skills, fresh employment and become your own boss, we present a four part series which addresses how to get there.

Before we begin, it is critically important to understand that a fusion of the digital world and, for want of a better word, ‘real’ world, is, in our opinion, the best combination of energies for any contemporary business to succeed.

‘Digital’ number crunches, performs functions and actions at lightning speed, takes the leg work out of many tasks and opens us up globally, to endless possibilities, within moments. But without the commitment, belief, human ingenuity, heart and real connection, you would not reach what we, as humans crave, the feelings of challenge, unique success, achievement and joy, which enrich our lives.

At Presentimage we bring our experience to every great idea, make a plan and, working with our clients, make it real and keep it so.

Contrary to some opinions, this ‘new normal’ evolution to a digital world was not forced upon us by COVID-19. It was already present in every walk of life and, with some retrenching of thought, as well as skills, can be the most useful tool to adjust our global lives to a successful post crisis outcome.

For anyone who leaves for work, performs the requisite eight hours and ventures home, the thought of more personal time for the money and a more self centric existence, is very appealing.  But as the saying goes, nice to visit, but what is it like to live there?

This premise raises all the questions and scenarios we ask our clients on a regular basis. 

Let’s get started with four big Qs…

1. What is your great idea?

2. What are you going to sell?

3. Who are you going to sell it to?

4. How are you going to sell it?

These answers will set the tone and begin plotting the path for literally everything else.

Our purpose is to assist you in defining your potential business, arranging the parts to create your unique identity and clarifying how you, and your offering are packaged and sold.  We will build your visual image and words, create your brand and promote you.

That blend of digital and reality we mentioned earlier, will maximise your profile and efficiently build your following, as they turn into loyal customers.

It requires a steady pace and more than enough experience to bring the parts together, but once the engine is running, we will continue to support and manage your great idea.

In part 2…

We dig deeper into having and building your own business, positioning and developing your idea, planning, deploying and making it real in a digital and tangible arena.

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