Going Digital

part 2 of a four part series

In part 1 we spoke of the four big Qs.

What is your great idea, what are you going to sell, who are you going to sell it to and how are you going to sell it?

Whether it is only you, or a partnership, you have decided to go it alone.

The DIY approach is bold and gutsy, and requires 100% focus to get both the big picture and the fine detail just right.  There is never enough budget, or market tolerance, for second, or third chances.

That is where we appear in the equation.

If you intend to provide a product or service based business, whose day to day management and customer contact are online, then developing a company website, with custom business domain name is truly the way to go.

On-site skills will determine just how much of the mechanics of your business will be labour intensive, automated and outsourced.  This will include your website.

View your web presence as an active voice in your operation.  It is a necessary focal point for most things, not just a showroom. 

  • It gives a face and presence to you company
  • Allows potential customers and other businesses to review your corporate intentions and your products.
  • It presents opportunities for contact and all important news and updates.
  • It can also provide support to sales and marketing staff, in the availability of current information, while reducing delays in the sales process.

A website is 24/7/365.  If well managed and promoted, it changes the overall customer perception of your business.  You are a click away, providing the single most potent business connection now available.

Consistent site and promotional management pay dividends. When you combine that with excellent branding and advertising skills, and the knowhow to blend those disciplines together, you will discover our true capabilities.

Our clients view Presentimage as a key component to their day to day operations, maintaining customer interest, image and contact.  Our service allows them the space to focus on doing business, in the knowledge that our support system keeps their brand on track.

Identity, packaging development, on and offline advertising and product specific content development, are what we do, with rock solid visuals and a great command of the language your business requires.

As we said previously, it is critically important to recognise that a fusion of the digital world and ‘real’ world, is, in our opinion, the best combination of energies for any business to succeed.

That being said, research is without a doubt, the key word in the process of beginning a business.  Google it.  You are now on the information highway.  

It will provide many options to assist your concept to become a reality. Online learning and easily digestible tutorials are a must when developing your idea.

From contact, information, accounting and billing, bank transactions and many related business functions, these can be at your fingertips at a moments notice.

They are all support systems and if you require digital efficiency, then your company framework will be built around some of these tools and services.

The internet is not a city, it’s a planet, with many options.  We will assist you in choosing the best scheme to combine your idea with those applications.

In part 3…

we talk of knowing your business and your limits, honing your efforts to maximise your returns and getting comfortable with your idea.

In case you missed it...

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