Your name should tell your story

Your company name is your unique identity and the most important of all your corporate elements.  It will shape your story and your clients will shape your name.

They will abbreviate, distort and reshape it like Playdough, reflecting your company performance and often to the detriment of any enterprise.  So be innovative but cautious.  Your company name is for the long haul, not just a clever idea.  You require positive recognition of simple words, so make it easy for your potential customers to understand it, connect with it and respect it, even if they evolve you into an anagram!

Chose words related to your enterprise, which are upbeat, optimistic and make a clear reference to your intentions.  Imagine your ‘name’ in many places and scenarios and how you will express it. then consider the customer/market response.  It will become, as your logo or emblem, your unique identifier and the flag your company rallies around, so be thorough and painstaking in your choice process.

You must then make a careful search for similar existing names to avoid conflict and disappointment.

Once you have arrived at a shortlist, consider how you would style each one; how a name and style would ‘populate’ all of your company instansies and perform in company functions.  If you have been honest and clear,  this part of the process will naturally choose the most likely candidate.

If the way is clear, the name appropriate and an outline of how it can be styled, then it’s time to visualize your enterprise!

Staying in the present and keeping our clients there, is the essence of ‘giving life to ideas’.  It is also the best reason to open a new conversation with us and discover a fresh clarity in your company’s story.

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