Where Have I Landed?

Ever felt compelled to continue reading?

Wanting more?  Wanting to find out how the story ends?

The radio soap operas and later, TV’s Days of Our Lives, et al tapped into those natural impulses. 

The cliff-hanger ended the episode, as the horses and riders seemed to fall over the cliff, only to discover, next week, that they only jumped over a rock and the never ending addiction continued.
From jelly snakes to Coca Cola we titillated and lifted our workaday existence with the merry go round antics of our favorite fantasy.  Then came the internet and the mobile phone  New devices to suit old habits.  All but at the speed of light and trumping the speed of thought.


From milliseconds to choose and endless to choose from, as potential consumers, we glut ourselves with information, with hardly a hairsbreadth between subjects.  So in the middle of all of this bumper bundle of consumer frenzy, how can a business ‘get noticed’?

You don’t need all of the business,
just the good business.

The ‘All the business’ model requires unreasonably large resources with often disappointingly low returns.  Building is always more durable than grabbing.  That’s where PresentImage steps in.

We look for the profile and get to know your prospective customers and begin the process of building the image, scaled to suit both parties, always with a built in plan for expansion.  It’s about identity to brand, visual image to association, sound and vision to tap those senses. The same tunes as those radio and TV soaps sang so many years ago.

It’s the words, the singular message that never takes its eyes off the sale. and then the Ad.  When the ball of string is unravelled and the connection is simple, the image is compelling and the words will you to aspire to the product, then the Ad makes you respond.

funnelClick takes you to the Landing Page.  This is the safe harbor of the product, the treasure trove of benefits and the extolling of value.  It is also the middle ground for a Call To Action that makes you buy, join, get, receive or gain.  If only you would state your contact details and become a Lead.  In the magical world of internet sales, Leads are today’s and tomorrow’s golden business and the audience who will bare witness to product success, related content and every other associated initiative.

PresentImage builds those unique, content rich stories.  We craft images, big bold bylines, immersive copy, landing pages and lead building to grow your brand, polish your identity and most of all, enrich your short and long term relationship with your customer base and keep you both connected.

The internet, by its very nature, is an ever evolving culture, often fickle and deceptive.  We believe that the core strength of an identity or a brand is the most capable characteristic to ride the waves of an instant change of direction.  We don’t dismiss evolution or revolution.  We learn how we can embrace those differences to be to our clients’ advantage.

Simplify the message 
& know who it is for. 

Learn about the target and find those precious pressure points that swing the tide towards wanting more and making the connection and the sale; the reconnection and return business.  That way, your customers will be well informed and confidently aware of their footing and you will know exactly where you have landed!