Our Likes are our collectables of design and fine art related subjects;
curiosities, shined up old coins, anecdotes and stuff at the back of the drawer.

Our Likes

The Swoosh
Nike, originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS), was founded by University of Oregon track athlete Phil Knight and his coach[...]
Aubrey Williams
Aubrey Williams (8 May 1926 — 17 April 1990) was a Guyanese artist. He was best known for his large,[...]
Oh Henry!
Oh Henry! is a candy bar containing peanuts, caramel, and fudge coated in chocolate. It was first introduced in 1920[...]
Denzil Forrester
Born in Grenada in 1956, Forrester came to England at the age of ten. After completing his BA at the[...]
Christmas lights
Thomas Edison, the inventor of the first successful practical light bulb, created the very first strand of electric lights. During[...]
Llewellyn Xavier OBE
Llewellyn Xavier OBE, born October 12, 1945, is a leading Saint Lucian artist with an international reach, spanning the finest institutes of[...]
Frank Bowling OBE
Frank Bowling, OBE (born 29 February 1936), is a Guyana-born British artist who is widely considered to be one of[...]
Murray Spangler and the suction sweeper
The Hoover story begins in 1907. Murray Spangler, an inventor and janitor, was cleaning rugs in a Canton, Ohio, department store.[...]
Mars and Murrie
Forrest Mars, Sr., son of the founder of the Mars Company, Frank C. Mars, copied the idea for the candy[...]
Bakst of Ballet Russes
Léon Samoilovitch Bakst, born Grodno (now Belarus), 1866, was a Russian painter and scene and costume designer, associated with Sergei[...]
The Drink at Jacob’s Pharmacy
It was 1886 that a great American symbol was about to be unveiled. Like many people who change history, John Pemberton,[...]
Picasso’s Father
José Ruiz y Blasco, born Málaga, 1838,  was a Spanish painter, an art teacher and the father of artist Pablo Picasso. He[...]
Kickback the movie and McDoom
St. Lucian born Parisian fashion and TV celebrity, Vincent McDoom has put another first on his list  of achievements with[...]
Life and Style of Vincent McDoom
There are moments in your life when you become aware of something, or someone that just makes sense.  In the Caribbean, the[...]
The Seven Principles of Zen
I periodically tidy my thoughts, especially where creativity is concerned. I find the road to an uncluttered mind, when you deal[...]
There’s no app for that
It appears almost absurd to think that at one time, and not so long ago, we did business almost exclusively[...]
Identity Development
'Corporate #identity' refers to the strategic concept for positioning a company. It entails defining identity characteristics and integrating them in a coordinated[...]

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