Verisimilitude. Keeping it Real.

It is no mistake that the symbols, colours and words must be in concord to project a strong identity.

But there are other factors at work, which need to be expressed.  

​Your identity is your culture and your culture is a living, breathing, in-the-now thing.
It evolves with gentle coercion and dissolves with over exposure. It survives and grows by being successfully exposed to many different scenarios and thrives on its long-term ability to create confidence and trust.
It dies almost instantly when subjected to misdirected or just plain bad customer care.
It can scream and shout in a Versace suit, or whisper wearing jeans and sneakers, but it unequivocally does it all with composure, style and an aspirational air which can walk on marble or on the pavement.

A company identity must travel to many ends of the spectrum in different social groups; up, down, incrowd, outcrowd, to achieve its goals.

PresentImage creates those compositions.  We have always approached identity with the word 'authenticity'. Everything and anything that emanates from the brand, corporate, or product, must be credible.
That’s the difference between average stitching and couture. The largest part of any sale is not what you sell,
it’s how you sell it, again and again.

It’s about verisimilitude.
The appearance of being true and real.

We want you to become deeply connected to your audience; your believers. These are your core market.
They live with your adjustments and developments, as your relationship passes through the years.
When you say “new and improved” they take you at your word, because you’ve always kept it real.

Some for now and some for later

One time business can be converted to return business if the means are in place to allow your customer to feel secure, well informed and included.  
To meet that demand, we write a consistent flow of unbiased, open minded content, from your brand to your
walk-ins, or one times and find ways to make contact and deliver, so you will be received with good grace, because you have given with the same attitude.

Letting another generation of consumers know that you are there
and that your culture, product and company are relevant, in context and real, 

is delicate, but can be as dynamic as your target group can be.
Media mix and the right words, a hand-held presence and a genuine generation/ gender connection
will open new markets.

Small or large, corp or startup, getting started, or bogged down, PresentImage perspectives still apply.
Clarify, simplify and connect with a single strong voice, which speaks to the real value of your business, satisfies customer expectations and creates enough white space around claims and graphics, colours and Calls To Action
to make the prospective buyer recognize your company’s authenticity.
Then your Identity will position you as unique and value driven, with true presence in your market.

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