unfinished business, identity and Rio

This is a story about unfinished business, identity, branding and feeling satisfied. 

It has its heroes, no focus on villains and plays out in Paradise.

The tale unfolds four years ago when a large group of very fit individuals, some shining from success and others full of determination, with more to prove, decided to meet again this month to resolve some pending matters.

It also contains some sub-plots which include the timely recognition of the identity of a region full of talent and hope, with gratitude and reverence for their position in this global event.

I speak of the Olympics in Rio, of the remarkable coverage of Caribbean sports people, by ESPN and the spirit of our athletes, who recognize that it’s not about the medals, it’s about competing.  A value made so trite by the so-called developed world, that some might expect it from the lips of Tony Robbins, rather than in the actions of Olympians.

There is an almost beautiful twist in the tale, to see the gods of track and swimming, having passed through their seas of uncertainty, arrive at their destination and destiny, full of so much confidence and humility, surrounded by so much excellence.

That must be sweet.

Bolt and Phelps have given us their definition of reinvention, in the details, focus and execution of their skills.  They have handed the blueprints on to countless future generations. Their business is now resolved.  There is no app for that.

It is a gargantuan feat for an American media giant to fully accept the geographic, creative and talented identity of five million people, in a region with so much diversity, you might not know where to start, but ESPN got it.  The Caribbean is the now and future success in sport and in a great many other avenues and we are poised for positive change.  Recognition, diversification and a need for evolution, created this glaring opportunity.


My take away from this glorious tale, apart from the myriad images, expressing genuine emotions and vicarious pride in watching Fiji’s rugby sevens success, was the ultimate brand who taught all of us designers, marketers and identity makers, the right way to do it; Coca Cola’s brilliant expression of “Taste the Feeling”.  This thirty seconds of upliftment, camaraderie, togetherness and happiness was the perfect education in how to make advertising, not only serve the brand, but pay homage to its endless presence in our world, never letting us down.


The Olympics are truly an effervescent expression of the values we should most cherish on our journey in life and in business.  Reinvention, uniqueness, drive, unstoppable presence of mind, focus and grace are the virtues which any true exponent of identity must understand and embrace to achieve their goal.

At PresentImage we draw from a dedicated belief, that positive messages and actions bring positive responses; recession is an opportunity, failure is a learning curve, temperance, a time of preparation and action is an enduring response to a down market.

Getting fit is hard. Staying fit is harder.  Being able to translate that into the success which is ‘being part of the game’, is our business.

Rio, Bolt, Phelps, Coca Cola and a brilliant new galaxy of Caribbean stars teach us that a unique identity is golden, when it is full of value.