Title: 'Today.we are.Our Father' (2014)
Artist: Gordon Keddie
Size: 100cm x 140cm x 4cm (39.4" x 55.13”)
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Code: GK-0046
Details: Unframed | Signed & Dated by artist
Price: $3,375.00 USD*

'Today we are Our Father' grew out of research on Mi'kmaq hieroglyphs and placing them in an urban contemporary landscape. My connection to Mi'kmaq culture, tenuous though it may be, began when I discovered that some of my Scottish ancestors migrated to Nova Scotia. They settled there and mixed with first nation people. Future generations then migrated back to Scotland.

I wanted to explore their language, possibly a piece of my heritage and see and feel how it appears in my future work. In this piece, the hieroglyphs, or symbols are embedded in the artwork, while the English meaning makes the statement; reminiscent of lettering in urban graffiti culture.

And, yes, I pay homage to Jean Michel Basquiat, who opened our eyes to many cultural blockages and was not scared to express them; the greatest, to my mind being the establishment 'acceptance' of graffiti as a pure art form. His energy made this happen.

*exclusive of shipping

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