seasonal crossroads

We have arrived at a seasonal crossroads,
where our intense endeavours
meet our age old traditions.

They may seem like chalk and cheese at first,
but they need each other now, more than ever before.

We are now driven with ease of use, packaged services and Design Thinking, UIs and UXs, apps and Alexa.  We use all of these to somehow complicate the simplicity we crave. 

“Alexa, call aunt Mae!”  

We used to walk to her house, bring shortbread and chocolate, help her in the kitchen and listen to heart warming ‘old talk’.  So we bought the devise to let Alexa expose Mae to ‘ease of use’; old talk saved for another day.

My point? 

Those age old traditions and old talk, at the crossroads of our very ‘internet of things’ existence, send us messages which somehow cool our ardor, make us shake off that mantle of ‘future now’, and engage our racing minds to remember the temperance of what’s still eternally right and comforting, worth dreaming of and being thankful for.

There will never be an IP address for passion, consideration, determination and gratification, although these feelings, intuitions, goals and positive outcomes are the very characteristics which we search for when we innovate and create.

To be the bigger presence, the higher soul and the more fulfilled persona, we must blend and lend, layer and concoct our own indecipherable potions made from Alexa, and Mae’s old talk!  Intuition is a gift, nurtured in our human DNA.  It lies there, waiting for a simple trigger to usher in a new, earth shattering discovery.

Our personal super computer always knows when the opportunity is right. 

So it is with business and life.  When the sound and silence are in equal balance and we can hear them, we should listen and seize the moment, even when our stats and automated data gatherers say otherwise.

Our sense of natural information gathering, intuition, attention to detail and love for Mae’s stories should always supersede Alexa’s intrusion and replacement for the things that make us blissfully less organised and human.

So as we rush this season, let’s get holistic, and Buddhist and Zen and sensibly clumsy. 

Let’s stop to think of others, clear our minds, greet those we never thought to and take a refreshing sojourn from the hectic gridlock of our shiny, future driven lives.

Let anyone who has a smile, which is not on the side of an Amazon box, be our battery charger for the next new year.

Our best and most successful work has always been borne from focus, detail and intuition in large measure, combined with a large breath of air, regardless of how technology filled it may be!

At Presentimage we wish all of our clients, associates and friends the very best of Festive Seasons.

We look forward to working with you to make 2019 a wonderful year.


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