Rendezvous (2012)

Title: 'Rendezvous' (2012)
Artist: Gordon Keddie
Size: 50cm x 120cm x 2cm (19.7” x 47.2”)
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas.
Code: GK-0014
Details: Unframed | Signed & Dated by artist
Price: $1,750.00 USD*

'Rendezvous', meaning 'a meeting at an appointed place and time', has many elements which co-exist; the light broad lines interact with each other, fusing, breaking and taking u-turns, while the darker, almost totemic background shapes become standing figures, emphasized by the dynamism of the lighter lines' activity.

I found a primitive essence in this picture, full of 'touch' and latent sexuality; conjoining and melding images appearing and weaving themselves across the picture plain.

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