Regal recognition for Vincent McDoom

Vincent McDoom never shies away
from his life, packed full of changes,
challenges and innovations. 

His rise to celebrity status and all that glorious recognition, has been well earned through hard, meticulous work, dedication and commitment to understanding quality and presentation.

It’s all about knowing his audience
and interpreting which delightful idea to bring them next.

Vincent is the brand.  He has made it so by his individualism and constantly evolving boundaries.  He has brought this quality and essential understanding to fresh generations of young fashion students at the highest levels of education in his core industry and to the important social causes which he defends and champions.

The road to his acceptance, on his own terms and without compromise, was never simple and stands testament to his tenacity, vision and success.

It’s that innate sense of drive for perfection and completeness, the needle point and couture of his detail, that has now lead this well loved and chic Parisian fashion and entertainment master to his most recent accolade.

As a young St. Lucian, West Indian, who made the world his opportunity and Paris his home and soul food, it is truly fitting that this remarkable and humble star of style, fashion and television, has received the British Empire Medal, for Services to Entertainment, from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, in her recent birthday honours.

A deeply emotional McDoom said:

Never in my wildest dreams; as a child growing up in Saint Lucia and also as a young man, learning and maturing in Paris, would I have envisioned such an award being granted and with my name attached. My sincerest and deepest thanks to everyone who has ever believed in me, my talents and vision and I will continue with my services to entertainment, fashion, my country and the many positive causes that’s I have stood for over the years!

And if my life’s trajectory has been an inspiration to many and can help them value their worth to be the best version of themselves, then the pleasure is one hundred per cent worth it,” he added.

“This is an absolute honour, I thank you

In the knowledge of Vincent’s extensive list of achievements, this above all, will propel this enigmatic and tireless personality to new beginnings.

For Vincent, 2019 is without a doubt, a year of appreciation for work done, in progress and new projects on the way, ever expanding his artistic talents. 

There appears no end to his recognition as, in April, he received
The Fashion Icon of the Year Award, at the World Fashion Festival 2019
in Dubai.

Vincent is presently in French Guiana in his role as artistic director, to establish the country’s premier HotCouture fashion show, showcasing French Guiana’s abundance of cultural talent.

Shortly, he will be appearing
with famous French actress Natacha Amal, in the theatrical comedy production ‘Hasta La Vista’ on French Broadway, which airs in France and all over Europe in the Fall of this year. 
This truly revisits his past dramatic accomplishments made, not only on television, but in movies such
as ‘Paris selon Moussa’. 

The often precarious tightrope of fashion, branding and entertainment continues to have a reliable and extremely well balanced personality, with a lifted and emboldened step, ready for a very bright and exciting future, whatever he touches!

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