If you have spent considerable time and resources developing your product packaging, you are well aware of the customer response you wish to solicit.  You have the branded packaging graphics, styling, text and promotional scheme, to do so much more for your product.

The obvious question is “how do I promote my product in-store?”  The response is, with branded Point of Purchase material.

From window and shelf end displays and large format posters, to overhead signage, shelf talkers and danglers, there are as many ways to direct potential buyers to products, as there are customers to be distracted by them.  That’s the name of the game, distraction, and attention.

With all that in-store sensory attack going on, a smart call to action with an idealized image and a plentiful shelf full of your product to contend with, your potentials may well turn into return business, if you get your POP right.  It’s all about clarity, simplicity and making sure that your viewer is captivated by your presentation – distracted from the others.

Generally, store managers welcome quality POP, serviced and managed by your merchandisers.  Make sure the POP items are well-built and are not irritating or intrusive.  These will invite complaints, which are, in large stores, hard to reverse.

Point of Sale celebrates your product, while inviting consumers to join in the already active party.  These are devices of inclusion with light-hearted, but meaningful calls to action.

In the Caribbean, we are fortunate to still have printers of quality who are still willing to produce short run Point of Purchase materials and in some cases offer a range of tried and tested items from which you can choose.  You can also create your own items, mostly from paperboard, die cut to specification.

These are the true tools of product branding.

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