You might never be seen at a wedding wearing sneakers, at the bank in a swimsuit, or a swimming pool in overalls, but you might be drawn to taking unnecessary risks with the packaging of your products!

If you intend to sell anything to anyone, you must know the product thoroughly, how your customer will use it, what they expect and how you will deliver it to them, with maximum success, satisfaction and positive broadcast, to receive willing return sales.

That process begins and ends with standards and, as it was thirty years ago, if they don’t exist, think the user experience through and create them.

Our region has worked hard to develop and recognise the importance of common standards in packaging.  From how the product is contained and preserved, to what is clearly stated and visually displayed.  There must be no ambiguity.  The checks and balances are clear; contents, weight, ingredients, best use, sell by date, origin and recourse.  These allow the consumer to understand your offer and use the product appropriately, the way you intended.  These limitations are for the protection of manufacturer and consumer alike, as we open our doors to a global range of products and risks.

These guidelines help production too.  The goal of manufacture is product consistency.  A combination of well managed, reliable, eco friendly packaging materials and good packaging equipment will go a long way to achieving this.  Simple good behaviour. 

With increased sales comes increased demand.  Product consistency and production efficiency go hand in hand to create increased output, in response to the development of the market, through a strong narrative and quality, uniformity and recognition.

The ‘limitations’ created by Standards, should not present a hindrance to a well developed product and brand image.

We must focus, as a region, on the details, however irksome. We may never be bigger, but we can always be better; quality over quantity, function before form and trusted for our dedication to accuracy created by the standards of functional common sense.

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