Today, consumer items begin with the simple philosophy of user-friendly function and form; packaging and the user experience, in tandem.

From the moment you pick it up from the shelf, it should scream “I am sensible and practical!” and have ‘grab’ value.  This narrative continues through the process of ‘unwrapping’ and allows the manufacturer to deliver their product with maximum satisfaction, through usability, as well as attraction.

The strongest sales driver is fulfilment, fueled by the user experience.

As society has become less accepting, more demanding and more precise, so the science of the user experience has become the Holy Grail of product developers, as once ‘high-end’ design now permeates main-stream consumerism.  In essence, any simple idea, well executed, with its onus on an excellent user experience, can become successful through its simple intentions.  Our sophisticated demand, greater exposure to ‘better’ and ‘best’ and the all-encompassing ‘Big Brother’ effect of consumer commentary, lead us to a much more complex marketing and sales profile.

In so many ways, the consumer has taken the reins,
previously controlled by Ad media, or so it appears.

However, far from driving the proverbial horse to water and watching it go thirsty, the Ad Machine has become infinitely more solicitous.  It has taken the average mobile phone and transformed it to the Ferrari of communication.  Everything has a comfort and ease of use, from cleaning your teeth to buying the most dog-friendly dog food.   Our needs are simply resolved in elegant and friendly ways, while we are massaged with value testimonials, grand aspirational assumptions and higher prices.

The truly simple package of that Bauhaus dream has become a total experience, as well as a deep sales funnel for future products.

These are not easy times for a company to position itself with honesty and integrity and maintain its profile in a less than forgiving universe.

Having worked for many years within this fluid amalgam of industries, Presentimage® has embraced those blurred lines and overlapping layers, bringing strategy, imaging, customer loyalty and market-driven initiatives to the toolset of our clients.  Clarity and confidence in the customer experience.

With a full range of diverse services, we are able to provide customized, practical adjustments and innovations to meet these changing markets, which include end to end design and brand development and management.

Now is the beginning of a seamless future, where product, service, purchase, use and response, internet and opinion find themselves blended into a real item, with an ever-growing virtual shadow identity.  We manage those identities in an ever more manufactured and marketed world.

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