On The Block (2010)

Title: ‘On The Block’ (2010)
Artist: Gordon Keddie
152.4cm x 91.4cm x 2cm (60″ x 36″)
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas

“‘On The Block’ draws from the Caribbean phenomenon of a place where young people meet in the street.  In more developed countries, this is often viewed as a place for drop-outs, the unemployed and the breeding ground for gangs and drugs.  In the Caribbean, this may also be the case in more inner city areas, whereas in the country, while still frowned upon, it has a more ‘market square’ aspect, with young people conversing with no other options for a meeting place.  It is a place to ponder the world and your place in it, marked with stories and urban legends, like a social bus stop.”

Details: Unframed | Signed & Dated by artist

Price: $1,250.00 USD

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