What We Do: Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States

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The logo, logotype and colour scheme represent a positive celebration of the sub-region, while never loosing a sense of formality, as a meaningful and increasingly strong voice within the Caribbean single market.

• The internal ring of logo shows the nine facets of the OECS, evolving into nine points of contact, radiating from the core, out into the region and beyond. 
• The outer ‘O’ is the O of OECS, circled by the final ring - the world at large.
• The double rings give the logo a constant dynamism, indicative of movement and growth.
• The central ‘core’ also carries a resemblance of a blossoming flower, whilst the logo itself has a tertiary resemblance of science and technology.
• The font, being Optima Regular, holds the formality and sense of ‘establishment’.
• The colours are fresh and clean, optimistic and bright as a ‘refreshed Caribbean’, moving out to meet new opportunities, while the formal dark blue retains a firm, corporate and establishment influence.  They are fully interchangeable to suit considerable repurposing.
• All of the above is underscored by the modern formal font, Meta Capitals, reinforcing the organization’s full title.
• Although the logo, logotype and title work together as an authenticity symbol, each element is designed to work in various combinations and colourways.

Our work for OECS includes:

Corporate and Brand Identity
Official Flag

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