New Livery for MountainTop

MountainTop Natural Spring Water now has a new livery,
designed by Presentimage and is truly the Fine Art of Re-hydration!

Mr. Ken Da Silva, the CEO of Mountain Top Springs Limited explains,

“The story of Natural Spring Water is one of rehydration, which is vital to renewal. It’s this renewal which gives us energy and health, where our system functions at peak performance.

With this in mind, we are proud to present a refreshed and rehydrated Mountain Top Natural Spring Water, with a livery of sophistication and premium quality, designed and reliability. These characteristics are the engine of to perform in regional and extra regional markets.

Our ‘rehydrated’ livery brings together all of the elements which reflect Mountain Top’s core values; our logo, the sharp peak of the mountain pointing to the red dot – getting to the point, the relationship between water

and blood, health and renewal; the definitive statement ‘the fine art of rehydration’ – this is what we do. As a company we practice this art everyday. The EKG line embodies the importance of our product to heart health and the vibrant active shapes and lines below, mirror the dynamics of Mountain Top Natural Spring Water and its role as a passport to energy.

All of this is set against a background of silver – precious and valuable. A product of worth and substance, of international standards, able to adorn any table anywhere.

With increased detail and sharp, clean lines, our new livery speaks to consistency, quality, presence and reliability. These characteristics are the engine of Mountain Top and the brand’s future.”