Title: ‘In the memory of elephants’ (2014)
Artist: Gordon Keddie
Size: 80cm x 59.5cm x 2cm (31.5” x 23.5”)
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Notes: Unframed | Signed & Dated by artist
Code: GK-0045
Price: $2,500.00 USD*

‘In the memory of elephants’ is a ‘collection’ of short ‘thought symbols’; the stuff we discard, but the regal elephant ‘remembers’. So we think.

Thought symbols’ – the visual notes and mental sketches we make of our thoughts, during our day, processed
and evolved by time, reproduced by our hand, affected by training, conscious styled nuances and by the environment in which we reproduce them.

Completely allied to automatic drawing and painting; a gateway to the subconscious.

*exclusive of shipping

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