Make a plan in Jan.

The Season is upon us and typically it is a time for faith and fun; a respite from the realities of a year end and a new beginning.  Whether you own your own business or you manage someone else’s, your mind is never far from your work.

With the year almost complete, it leaves more questions than answers.  Often the predominant one is how to increase, quality, service, customers, sales; you name it, it’s all about increase.

We spend a great deal of our working time answering that question.  It’s about knowing your goals and creating a plan to achieve them.  Once you have reached those goals, you must then know how to improve on them to keep them.

To get there, we need to assess how your structure is built, the strength of messages you send, how your company information gets to your market and how the market responds, how you sustain that conversation through your identity, brand and communication and the strategy for the development of your message, plus its roadmap for success with all the visual and written components required.

Our clients’ success, and ours, lies in our attention to detail.  In these evolving, information and image centric days, what you say and the way you say it, how you engage your customer and how you keep them confidently connected to you, your products and sales, can mean the make or break of any business.

To ask a price for a quality product or service these days, requires fair justification.  Not advertising glitz.  The true expression of the value becomes the key to the sale.

This is no place for comparative advertising, the most recent and pressing example being the prospective politician mistakenly pulling down his opponent for his mistakes, to gain mileage, rather than simply telling the public what he can do for them if they vote for him.  The latter has always been the more constructive path with a positive endgame.

This value driven expression, not far from Rosser Reeves’ Single Minded Proposition, is interconnected to the information architecture of your brand and your company.  What you say about your products and how they are seen, creates an easy flow of dialogue and generates much needed confidence though this strategy and implementation.

There is a wealth of choice when a company makes the clear headed decision to chart its course to its chosen definition of success.

So as the turkey and pork digest and the conversation moves far away, as you think back on the one behind and  muse on the one to come, make a plan to call us in January, for new answers, actions and solutions to old questions and some new ones yet to come.

We wish you a Fabulous Christmas and a wonderful New Year.