Kickback the movie and McDoom

St. Lucian born Parisian fashion and TV celebrity, Vincent McDoom has put another first on his list  of achievements with his role in KICKBACK, the first French film to be released in e-cinema and be screened at the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival.

KICKBACK premiered on the internet Friday, 5 June 2015.


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In Meaux, a suburban area of Paris, a security guard carries out the heist of the century. The total amounts to EUR 50 million. Jackie Camtreud (played by actress Lee Delong), a psychiatrist from England, financially ruined, relies on her consultations to get out of trouble.
To assist her, the local priest, Moses (Wahid Bouzidi), sends her a succession of incredible characters in need of therapy.  Unfortunately, they often have little money and are desperate in life. 

The security guard Alfred Peliete (Jean-Charles Dumay) is quickly arrested and denies being in possession of the money, but then where are the 50 million euros?  Recommended by Moses, Judge Martin (Daniel Duval), who is searching for Alfred Peliete’s stolen 50M, visits Jackie asking for her services; analyze Peliete to make him reveal the location of the money. 

Everyone is after the 50 million and every character is a suspect, the police, Moses the priest and Josepha a transvestite who lives with Jackie (Vincent McDoom).  Josepha helps Jackie but is expecting two things in life: the love of a charming prince, and the hope of giving birth one day! 

Nobody seems innocent in this story. The search for the truth has just begun in this crazy and surprising dramatic comedy, filled with suspicions, paranoia, sex, lies and corruption.


Although the film will not be shown in traditional theatres, the director, Franck Phelizon is confident about the film’s online-exclusive release saying, “It has been a fascinating experience to release Kickback in e-cinema, a new thrilling way of sharing art.  Production and distribution must be adapted using more and more internet facilities.  The release still benefits from the same promo standards as a theatrical release.”


Vincent McDoom, whose character Josepha, left St Lucia to go to France in the film said “In France Josepha meets Jackie and a very strange love-hate relationship ensues.”   

Vincent’s co star Lee Delong, and the film’s lead said “Vincent is very sensitive and decisive, which are two important qualities for an actor. It was a great adventure for both of us.”

The Caribbean may never send an astronaut to the moon, but with the adventurous and adaptable talents of Vincent McDoom, we can be content that we already have stars.