Keeping the Balance

If the world of social media and advertising, content and branding has you reeling  and even less confident than you were before about promoting your business, read on …

Simply, you have to let people know that you are there, know what you’re selling, what is it’s benefit to them and how and where they can get it and for how much.  These are essential.

All of this made sense, once, in a ‘quarter page ad in the local newspaper‘ sort of a way.  Then we moved on to more sophisticated ground.  Full colour print advertising, radio and TV placements, flyers and mail shots.  And then came the internet, banner advertising of every possible variety, marketing departments, social media and now the new Altar of Content.

And somewhere in the middle of high powered statistics, predictions, sectors and targets, the lines became blurred, so you opened a Facebook page, told all your friends and hoped it would help.

Now, we encounter the phrase Advertising is Dead.

To set the records straight, advertising, whether in print, on TV or online is not dead.  In fact it is very much alive, but in a more subtle, solicitous way than ever before. 

We live in a world driven by quick fix aspirations and twenty-four hour demand

with a global store in our living rooms, offices and phones, with so many offering the same thing, fighting for air time, face time and your time; nanoseconds to get your response. 

But you are, as a consumer, in a numb blur, bombarded and sometimes dive bombed by those who would develop your dependency to spend.  Salesmen have turned Doctor Feelgood, dispensing goods and services like so much opium to addicted consumer demand.

So when a company comes along, with an image of decency, quality standards, sensible down to earth logic, life changing products and fantastic customer rapport and service, the bombarded and bruised consumer is lifted out of the morass of ad noise. It brings them to a place that treats them with propriety and intelligence, shows interest in their likes and needs and most of all, possesses humanity.  That company gets the sale.  Then,there being “a fortune in the followup”, that company continues to get the business.

At Presentimage we develop our clients’ story to be just that.  What is said, what is seen and where.  Simplicity and clarity are the messages that we implant.  Building on a firm, focused identity, we compose and generate client driven, useful information, positive endorsement and enthusiasm through all forms of promotional mechanisms, to create a body of relevant content, which we then deploy, to develop consumer loyalty and sales.

Through this, our clients are perceived as ‘being in the now‘, drawing a willing audience of customers and returnees.

It’s all about adjustable, repurposing of great content;  keeping an entertainment level, balanced with information which educates and informs the customer base.  There is nothing new in this basic process of selling;  keep the potential buyer focused on the value, only this time we give the customer space to breathe, think and make informed choices, rather than bullied into submission, with future regret.

Far from the issue of there being too many choices of means to send your message.  Presentimage will drive your message to a multi layered environment where web, email, print, video and radio interweave, depending on target markets and their habits.

We write copy and visualize the message and the content which carries it.

Success is about developing a balance; virtual to physical, yes, but also deriving present and future sales by a fairness of intention and the confidence to inform your potential sale of all the related information.  Better informed means empowered.  Empowering your customers means generating confidence in you and your product.  Confidence and present/ future sales go hand in hand and as everyone knows, one hand can’t clap.