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Welcome to Drum Brae Gallery. 

This virtual gallery, features the work of Gordon Keddie,
professional artist, designer and creative director of Present Image Design .

Mr Keddie's original artwork is available to all collectors, through this online facility,
or by private viewing, at Drum Brae House, by appointment only.


Art Classes

Art Classes are also offered by Mr. Keddie on an individual basis
to beginners and advanced artists alike.

  • FEES

We offer classes to assist adults who wish
to enter, take part in
and enjoy the creation of artworks, whether it be for pleasure, or business. The course is designed, on a ‘one to one’ basis over a six week period.

The Course

The course will:
• Teach practical painting and drawing skills and techniques
Explore and develop personal styles of work
• Develop confidence and best practices in the creation of
    fine art objects

• Provide all materials necessary to take part in this course

NB. This course utilizes acrylic paints and mediums which are non toxic,
fast drying and retain colour with age, as well as being well suited to tropical environments where humidity and heat can affect finished work.
It does not include the use of oil paint due to time constraints in drying times, practicality in use and the potential for allergic reactions.


Our Instructor

Mr. Gordon Keddie has been actively involved in a broad spectrum of art disciplines for the past thirty-seven years specializing in drawing, painting, and printmaking, as well as graphic design, product, service and website development and videography.

He is a graduate of Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen and a Post Graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, with experience as an Artist in Residence,
in His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen, and as a Stage technician and Head Flyman/Rigger for The Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh and The Royal National Theatre, London.  For the past thirty years Mr. Keddie has worked extensively throughout the Caribbean on art and design projects and as a CDB consultant for CTCS Network.

To contact us, take this link and send us your request and details.  Everything is in strictest confidence.

Art for Hire

We offer the rental of original artwork to businesses or individuals, wishing to enhance their office, home or events environment.
Unless commissioned to produce specific pieces, we can only provide the works that are available in stock, at the time of your request.
 A large part of our daily work is finding solutions to problems that include the elements of design, presentation, overall creativity, fine art
and translating our clients wishes into tangible success.
Please contact us and explain what you need and what you are trying to achieve.