In the memory of elephants (2014)
Title: ‘In the memory of elephants’ (2014)Artist: Gordon KeddieSize: 80cm x 59.5cm x 2cm (31.5” x 23.5”)Materials: Acrylic on CanvasNotes:[...]
Under The Skin (2011)
Title: 'Under The Skin' (2011)Artist: Gordon KeddieSize: 60cm x 40cm x 2cm (23.6” x 15.7”)Materials: Chinese Lacquer on CanvasCode: GK-0005Details:[...]
Satisfaction (2013)
'Satisfaction' (2013) 70cm x 90cm x 2cm (27.6" x 35.4") Acrylic on Canvas.
The Outsider (2010)
Title: 'The Outsider' (2010)Artist: Gordon KeddieSize: 121.9cm x 91.4cm x 2cm (48" x 36")Materials: Acrylic on CanvasCode: GK-0001Details: Unframed | Signed[...]
Rendezvous (2012)
Title: 'Rendezvous' (2012)Artist: Gordon KeddieSize: 50cm x 120cm x 2cm (19.7” x 47.2”)Materials: Acrylic on Canvas.Code: GK-0014Details: Unframed | Signed[...]
Up (2010)
Title: 'Up' (2010)Artist: Gordon KeddieSize: 90cm x 70cm x 2cm (35.4" x 27.6")Materials: Acrylic on CanvasCode: GK-0003Details: Unframed | Signed[...]
Above (2012)
Title: 'Above' (2012)Artist: Gordon KeddieSize: 76.2cm x 55.9cm (30” x 22”)Materials: Acrylic on 638gm deckle edge rag paper.Code:GK-0013Details: Unframed | Signed[...]
Jack’s Shirt (2012)
Title: 'Jack's Shirt' (2012)Artist: Gordon KeddieSize: 100cm x 140cm x 2cm (39.4” x 55.13”)Materials: Acrylic on Canvas.Code: GK-0024Details: Unframed |[...]
Secret Dreams Made Real (2012)
Title: Secret Dreams Made Real (2012)Artist: Gordon KeddieSize: 76.2cm x 55.9cm (30” x 22”)Materials: Acrylic on 638gm deckle edge rag paper.Code:GK-0010Details:[...]
Dancing Black wrapped in Silver (2011)
Title: 'Dancing Black wrapped in Silver' (2011)Artist: Gordon KeddieSize:  117cm x 83cm x 2cm (46.1” x 32.7”)Materials: Chinese Lacquer, interfacing[...]
Today.we are.Our Father (2014)
Title: 'Today.we are.Our Father' (2014)Artist: Gordon KeddieSize: 100cm x 140cm x 4cm (39.4" x 55.13”)Materials: Acrylic on CanvasCode: GK-0046Details: Unframed |[...]
Ascension and the Burden of the Snake (2012)
Title: 'Ascension and the Burden of the Snake' (2012)Artist: Gordon KeddieSize: 50cm x 100cm x 4cm (19.7" x 39.4")Materials: Acrylic[...]
The Red Cloak (2014)
Title: 'The Red Cloak' (2014)Artist: Gordon KeddieSize: 56.2cm x 46.36cm x 2cm (22.125” x 18.25”)Materials: Acrylic on Canvas.Code:GK-0042Details: Unframed |[...]