Celebrating 25
If 25 years in business with such a wealth of experiences, ideas and outcomes, are anything to go by, the Caribbean is a journey not to be missed.

From the early days of fax machines, dubious operating systems, incompatible file formats and endless hiccups with software, hardware and zip disks, we are amazed that we got through
a world desperate to evolve to design.

Our background began with a pencil not a mouse, and so it was a caravan of equipment, as we travelled, presented, noted changes, worked overnight in hotel rooms and brought the refreshed version to clients, with bleary eyes.  
The digital world changed all of that.

The pace changed and so did the calibre of clients throughout the islands. Everyone wanted something more far reaching and we were there to give it to them.  Innovation and precision, with an eye for detail, were our trademarks.  

When you pitch high you would be surprised just how many others do the same.  Printers wanted our work.  The full colour squad,
the flexo labellers, the POP die cutters and box printers were gathering.  Printed plastics and form fill and seal specialists were eager to put our clients’ products in an assortment of bags. Endless brochures for every conceivable product and service seemed to appear in droves.

Through all of it, we kept Identity at the forefront, branded everything and told fresh stories visually, verbally and audibly.

We had found our forte.

Corporate to product, we repurposed artwork and pushed the image, what was said and where we said it.

Confidence breeds confidence and ours was up.  Our clients rushed to get on board as we pushed the proverbial envelope.

Then came the net.  We embraced this fresh approach with a demeanour that belied the fact that none of us really knew how big and how far reaching this would all be.

Today, the majority of our work is online, in image and copy.  We find ourselves refining content and subtle sales talk, as it weaves its way through images and graphics.  Only moments later to get the go ahead and send it to an endless email list.

We are fortunate and blessed to still have clients who mix online with on paper and somehow relish printed matter, the way
a contemporary painter might go to a gallery to view an old master.  There are clear memories when all was print and finish, which bubble up when necessary, to actually exercise those experienced hands and eyes.  As an old friend once said,
“if it’s worth printing, take an extra day to get it just right”.

And so in those 25 speedy, work filled years we found our feet,
our innovations and our love of getting it right.  We introduced clients to higher heights and better, more successful versions of their products and themselves.  We showed what was possible and made it real.  We still do.

We thank everyone who helped, supported and travelled along our journey to this celebrated time, as we continue to travel with those who see the value in excellence, detail and take the extra day!

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