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About Drum Brae Studio

Drum Brae Studio, is a creative hub, tutoring facility and gallery, owned and managed by Present Image Design Limited, offering original artwork to all collectors. This online presence offers these originals, to the world marketplace.

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ArtHire is a service specializing in the rental of original artwork to businesses or individuals, wishing to enhance their office, home or events environment. To facilitate the best possible selection, our clients are shown a digital scheme of their workplace, with art which enhances their theme and environment. Through this method our clients can view and select the artwork that they feel best suits their needs and helps portray the type of styling which is important to them.

For further information regarding ArtHire, please contact us

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Scrutiny (2015)

[su_column][/su_column] Title: ‘Scrutiny’ (2015) Artist: Gordon Keddie Size: 50cm x 100cm x 4cm (19.7” x 39.4”) Materials: Acrylic on Canvas The embrace, innocent or not is no-one’s business, or so we assumed.  ‘Scrutiny’ is about the lack of sensitivity and barefaced entitlement which society now shows towards intimacy and emotional connection.  Emotional jealousy, mischief, control games […]

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Drum Brae Studio Premier Opening

We are very pleased to announce that on the 12 February 2013, Drum Brae Studio launched its first private showing, featuring the work of Gordon Keddie DA. The show was well attended by friends of the Studio. We are grateful for their patronage and for the great interest and enthusiasm shown towards Mr Keddie’s paintings […]

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Moment (2011)

[su_column][/su_column]Title: ‘Moment’ (2011) Artist: Gordon Keddie Size: 40cm x 120cm x 2cm (15.7” x 47.2 ”) Materials: Chinese Lacquer on Canvas “‘Moment’ is another part of the drip picture group, titled to reflect the connection that I made with the paint as it wanted to carry me around the canvas and I took conscious control […]

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