It is imperative that product presence is foremost in a long-term promotional strategy.

That consists of what, by whom, with what advantage, shoulders above and chest out on the shelf, supported by ‘signposts’ and calls to action.

Then what of the seemingly lowly carton?  This is bulk packaging, true, but it’s also the other opportunity.  You will never be truly in control of where your cartons are stored or appear in plain sight.  So be prepared.  Use a simple one or 2 colour decoration on your external bulk package, to get that message across.

Make your brand talk by capitalizing each and every chance to be seen.  Subliminally, you will gain much needed ground in less obvious places, through clear, appealing recognition, supported by your sales pitch.  It will maximize your opportunities to communicate, while adding visual flair and style to an otherwise boring storeroom, or stack of cartons in a shop, or open delivery van.

Let’s go one step further.  Design the carton to be a point of sale presentation.  The store will generally like this branded addition, which gives extra punch to a ‘busy’ shelf display.

It speaks to all customers and catches the attention of store packers and merchandisers; a win win for product recognition!

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