Be a Content Brand

We have always asked our clients to make their relationship with customers, one of confidence, integrity and trust. 

One would assume that this would be sacred ground, a given, in today’s world of tarnished standards and waning services.  Sadly the cynics might suggest that to tell the truth these days, would certainly make you stand out from the crowd!

But we did not take this stand for some adman pitch or marketeer strategy.  We say it because it makes sense.

Business has always required interaction with your customers, if you wish to grow and sustain your enterprise.  However, these days, at the speed of a clicking mouse, your customers and potentials have an over abundance of choice, with unlimited claims, price wars, online discounts and fly-by-nighters just waiting to swoop up your loyal business, while you clear your throat.

Fact is, some of them will take their chances with those new alternatives, but the majority want to know that your offering is current, well informed and acting in their best interest.  So you must say it like it is.  Tell them the benefits.  Give them content which educates, informs and entertains them, with no confusion; related, but not bound to sales, vested in the reality of things and relevant to them.  Clarity without bias will give your company, brand and message a tremendous amount of customer confidence and make the sale part of their trusted response.

Presentimage has been implementing brand and advertising strategies with these principles for over 20 years, building and adjusting client identities and brands to embrace their market trends and demands, always with trust based communication at the core of their business.

Simply, it works.

Once this position becomes the standard by which your company and brands communicate, you have taken on the mantle of becoming a ‘content brand’, giving your business audience clarity without bias.  The customer environment which you create will be one devoid of the burden of sales pitching and brow beating hard sell.  It allows your customer the freedom of informed choice, while clarifying your proposition and the value of it.

The refreshment lies in the simplicity of the message and the confidence with which you present it.  However, this is hinged firmly on regular communication; the consistent delivery of well resourced content through easily accessible media.

A company website, a selection of well crafted landing pages and a monthly newsletter work well together in creating that flow and dissemination of information necessary to ‘continue the conversation’ and find your way into the hearts and minds of your loyal customers and newcomers.  A mobile app can equally change the speed in accessing these mechanisms and a strong social media presence can substantially increase your reach.

So saying, it’s more than that and the principle is as relevant to retail orientations and service driven businesses, as those who rely on internet responses.

Face to face, as many experienced salespersons will tell you, cannot be substituted, but make sure that those responsible for that role are well versed and on the same page as your virtual messages.  You are in the real world. Never offer what you cannot deliver.  Empty promises, badly informed staff, poor attention to time and detail and badly crafted customer policies will turn your once promising enterprise into a train wreck.  If clarity without bias be the principle, then craft the identity and character of the sales and marketing staff accordingly and do not make the advertising which draws walk in customers confusing and off message.  Keep the message in sync with all the facets of customer interaction.

So as you build your ideas and strategies for 2016, clear out the cobwebs of mixed messages, over crafted ads and dead end initiatives.

Presentimage will help you rebuild and sustain a clear message to enhance your customer relationship and the quality and integrity of what you say, to place you on the cutting edge of business by making you a content brand.