ascension and the burden of the snake

Title: 'Ascension and the Burden of the Snake' (2012)
Artist: Gordon Keddie
Size: 50cm x 100cm x 4cm (19.7" x 39.4")
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas.
Details: Unframed | Signed & Dated by artist
Price: $1,750.00 USD*

'Ascension' depicts the moment when Christ returns to God and the empty shell of his human form hangs lifeless on the cross, draped by the centurion's cape, used to vilify Christ as 'King of the Jews'.
It also takes on a snake like form as the serpent in the garden of Eden, a paradoxical combination of wisdom and evil; beautiful yet repulsive. Its location in the picture signifies the weighing down - the burden which Christ carries for the world.
The rendering of the heart is of note as it appears in many Catholic depictions of Christ.  A profile of God's head presides over the scene, almost drawing the breath of Jesus' Spirit back to the Heavens.

This is, for me, the defining moment of my faith; a true beginning, which gives renewal and value to my belief.

*exclusive of shipping

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