Art Classes

We offer classes to assist adults who wish to enter, take part in and enjoy the creation of artworks, whether it be for pleasure, or business. The course is designed, on a ‘one to one’ basis over a six week period.

The course will:
• Teach practical painting and drawing skills and techniques
Explore and develop personal styles of work
• Develop confidence and best practices in the creation of fine art objects
• Provide all materials necessary to take part in this course

Our Instructor: Mr. Gordon Keddie has been actively involved in a broad spectrum of art disciplines for the past thirty-seven years specializing in drawing, painting, printmaking as well as graphic design and videography.
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The Course

For Beginners:
• Introduction to Materials, figure and object drawing
• The application of drawing as the fundamental planning tool within painting.
• Composition, the development of ideas, sketching and transfer to canvas.
• Best practices and approach to the practical art of picture creation.
• Basic colour theory and its practical application to painting.
• The execution of ‘finished’ work in drawing and painting.

NB. This course utilizes acrylic paints and mediums which are non toxic, fast drying and retain colour with age, as well as being well suited to tropical environments where humidity and heat can affect finished work. It does not include the use of oil paint due to time constraints in drying times, practicality in use and the potential for allergic reactions.

For Advanced & Professional Artists:
The course will be determined by the artist/student’s level of understanding and practical capability and will accommodate the specific wishes of the student, whether this be theoretical or practical in nature. Please specify this when contacting us and we will create a structure to assist you.

The course will be over a six week period; one, two hour session per week, with all necessary equipment supplied.

Class Schedule:
Classes are held on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons as individual sessions.
Timetable: 1:30pm to 3:30pm or 4:00pm to 6:00pm*

* Please indicate your choice of day and time when applying.

Payment of Fees:
Fees to be paid in full, by the stated deadline, prior to the beginning of the course. Fees and Mode of Payment information will be sent to you on receipt of your application.
NB. Due to the limited numbers of participants, If you have been accepted, but have not paid for the course by the stated date, unless otherwise informed, we reserve the right to pass the opportunity on to another interested party.

Terms & Conditions

If you are unable to attend a session, please give reasonable advanced notice, in order that an alternative date or time, within the course period can be arranged. Similarly, if the instructor is unable to provide the session for any reason, you will be notified in advance and an alternative date or time will be provided.

Refund Policy:
Should you be unable to commence the sessions after you have paid for the course, 75% of the total cost will be refunded to you. If you are unable to continue the course, having already participated in 2 or more sessions, a refund will not be provided, except for justifiable medical reasons; a 25% of the total cost of the course will be refunded.

By payment of fees, you agree to all Terms and Conditions set out by Present Image Design Limited, both at presentimage.com and during your time in and around Drum Brae Studio’s premises, located in Caye Mangé, Gros Islet.

To apply for our Art Classes,