A Good Team is A Great Start

There is no magic formula for your image, brand, identity and product success in business, but a good team is a great start.

To have diverse resources working together makes the idea pool deeper and the wave of optimism much more dynamic and active.

To most businesses, that ‘team’ is constrained by budget and time and is often populated by those who are fantastic at their own field of expertise, but not team players, or are simply overwhelmed by the ‘enormity’ of the task, see parts of the sum, but not the sum of the parts.

If the frustration of the last meeting led someone to shout ‘Hire a designer!’ their outburst may not have been without merit. But there is a caveat. Hire a designer or design team with experience, willing to partner, see the bigger picture and become team player and at a moment’s notice, team leader, if necessary.

Now, the business of design is about information architecture, brand development, copywriting, innovation, content creation and identity building with a host of tertiary skills. No longer are designers just image makers and layout specialists.

We believe in design as a partnership between client and creative, optimism as the fuel to new ideas and our perceptive experience as the development machinery to make new things happen. This story takes a new twist at the word ’boutique’, a specialist agency with niche expertise able to accommodate distinctive needs in a personalized manner with a unique service, rather than a ‘cookie cutter’ approach of large scale design and ad agencies.

As a design company, PresentImage evolves, recalibrates, adapts and grows to meet the waves of challenges presented to our clients.

From social media to immersive content, ad campaigns and branded identities, our commitment is to assess, plan, create, develop, and execute strategies and initiatives to meet our clients’ demands for outgoing or incoming activity.

We do this by judging each instance on its merits, where it falls in the plan, developing our understanding of our client’s business, while paying particular attention to the fine detail. A custom approach to each and every job. That’s what makes us a boutique design company, because it is in our nature and in our work. As an associate once said “you have to keep stirring and cook it up to make it work”.

And with that particular profile, our company has always known that the quality of what you say and how you say it combined with your image and presentation, consistency and adaptability, will always garner interest and business, however high you wish to fly.

We were building vital visual and written content for our clients, while content was a prince and image was on the throne; when brands were common sense and identities told clear headed, unique and compelling stories. We still do all of these things today, but in virtual as well as real worlds.

From the concept and design of the user experience, the information architecture and the essential copy, to the development, branding, marketing and connection, it’s the craftsmanship and detail that matters, borne from years when resources were scant and innovation won the work and loyalty and support were expected.

We are confidence builders and the call to action button for your business. We make our knowledge of media and content work for our clients, blending experience, innovation and educated risk to freshen the palette of your enterprise.

When we said that there is no magic formula, that may not be entirely true.

The real secret lies in the sauce!