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Promote with POP!

You have spent considerable time and resources developing your product packaging.  You are well aware of the customer response you wish to solicit. 


You have the branded packaging graphics, styling, text
and promotional scheme, to do so much more for your product.


Now you must develop your branded Point of Purchase material.

From window and shelf end displays and large format posters, to overhead signage, shelf talkers and danglers, there are as many ways to direct potential buyers to products, as there are customers to be distracted by them.  That's the name of the game, distraction, and attention.

With all that in-store sensory attack going on, a smart call to action with an idealized image and a plentiful shelf, full of your product to contend with, your potentials may well turn into return business, if you get your POP right.  

It's all about clarity, simplicity and making sure
that your viewer is captivated by your presentation,
while being suitably distracted from competitors.

Again, as ever, make a plan.  It's the journey to your product; the connection to what is seen, what is said, what leads and wills the consumer to follow.  POP are signposts and information boards, reminders and calls to action, implanting simple, powerful incentives to find and investigate your offer.  

Giving your product presence and motivation will create sales

Walk your journey through.  Be your customer.  Present yourself with your offer
and ask what would catch my interest and why mine over other brands.

Build the interest.  If your product is attractive and has 'grab value' - wants to be touched and picked up, then the story and the sale is complete.

Point of Purchase are devices of inclusion and should celebrate your product and its core message, while inviting consumers to join in the already active party.  The invitation should be light-hearted and meaningful.

Thirty years ago, the Caribbean had many badly lit stores, with poorly managed shelves and products.  Merchandising and in-store promotion lay at the mercy of store owners, who varied greatly in their approach to POP.  They generally took the hands off attitude, viewing posters and shelf talkers as an annoyance to shelf packers.

These days store managers appreciate all sensible efforts to push shelf items and welcome quality POP, serviced and managed by diligent merchandisers.  

Make a strong statement...

but make sure the POP items are well-built and are not irritating or intrusive.  Poor quality will invite complaints, which are, in the minds of consumers and store managers alike, hard to reverse.

In the Caribbean, as in many developed and sophisticated shopping environments,
we are fortunate to still have printers of quality, who are willing to produce short run Point of Purchase materials and in some cases offer a range of tried and tested items from which you can choose.  You can also create your own items, mostly from paperboard, die cut to specification.  

If you are in search of interesting items, an internet search will provide many suppliers, often with quite fresh ideas.  The caveat to this is that they may require you purchase in larger volume than you might expect.  So be careful with choices and uses, versus outlets and practicality.

Point of Purchase are the true tools of product branding.  
Well managed, they give the consumer all the reasons they need to buy.


Staying in the present 
and keeping our clients there,
is the essence of ‘giving life to ideas’.


It is also the best reason to open a new conversation with us
and discover a fresh clarity & consistency in your company’s story.


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