What We Say
What’s in Your Name

What’s in Your Name

Your name, whether it be company or brand, should tell the story.


It holds the majority of the value of your brand, due to its omnipresence,
so it is the most critical of all brand elements.  It's inherent meaning will evolve, dependent on how your brand is received.  
Conversely, the name will shape that reception.


PresentImage® & identity development. 

We make what you say & how you look, work together in harmony, by presenting a consistent message across all media, to boost your ROI.  Whether it be a new brand or a refurbished identity, a packaging development or an advertising strategy and implementation, or a unique piece of fine art, our initiative will vastly improve your visibility.

Today.we are.Our Father (2014)

Today.we are.
Our Father (2014)

Today.we are.Our Father (2014)
by Gordon Keddie DA

Size: 100cm x 140cm x 4cm
(39.4" x 55.13”)
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas


Drum Brae Gallery

This is a virtual gallery, featuring the work of Gordon Keddie , professional artist and designer and creative director of PresentImage.  Through Drum Brae Gallery, we also provide fine art tutoring. 



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