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PresentImage is an identity development company. We make what you say & how you look, work together in harmony, by presenting a consistent message across all media, to boost your ROI.  Whether it be a new brand or a refurbished identity, a packaging development or an advertising strategy and implementation, or a unique piece of fine art, our initiative will vastly improve your visibility.



the race

Staying on Point

With only days to go before the United States Presidential Election it is all too apparent that we have forever said goodbye to a rich democratic process, steeped in tradition, which was once the envy of the world. That, and an inability to stay on Point.

It has been firmly replaced by the culture of abuse, media-mania, school yard terrorism and reality threats.  The script was thrown away since the Primaries, giving way to a media circus designed to ‘excite’ and irreparably engage the world in a new age branding, created to mask real issues and important truths.

There is an overwhelming cynicism
which generates these complex, but common lies...


my identity is not this tattoo, it's who's wearing it.

My identity is not this Tattoo,
it’s my singular personality…

Your uniqueness is not your logo, your uniform, or even your tattoo. These are characteristics and components. Your identity, is all that you say, how you look,
what you do and do for others, your opinion and your perspective.


Reinvention: new now. new future.

Reinvention: new now. new future.

PresentImage was built on creating optimistic and positive identities and trading enthusiasm. We have reinvented and adjusted businesses to suit not only the aspirations of our clients, but the aspirations of their markets. We develop an evolution strategy, where what is new now, becomes the new future, open ended and easily repurposed.



The Difference between Art & Design?

I have heard all the pros and cons since my college days, peppered with condescension and ridiculous territorial outbursts; who like to get their hands dirty and who don't.



Drum Brae Gallery

We are pleased to announce the return of our virtual gallery and associated services. Review the paintings by Gordon Keddie, our creative director and if you are in St. Lucia, consider learning to draw or paint...



What our clients are saying about Presentimage

Presentimage is our go-to for marketing, from drastic physical and digital re-branding to seasonal custom labeling. We always entrust our most important public element — our face — to them, which we guard as an aesthetic manifestation of our key goals and values. We are consistently pleased with the cost-effective, quality results.

 Ken Da Silva | Managing Director
MountainTop Springs Limited

We are very fortunate to work with Present Image Design to create our corporate identity and brand.  Our cordial relationship, which spans over 20 years, has allowed us to develop excellent communication tools to penetrate a regional market across all media.  

The key to the ‘Presentimage experience’ is their attention to detail in print, video or online marketing and advertising, coupled with great ideas. They  listen to our concerns and recommendations and deliver consistently, in a timely manner.
We highly recommend Present Image Design.

Michael Persaud | Managing Director
East Caribbean Metals Industries Limited


We are grateful for your interest.




& we are certain that we can make a difference 
in your business.


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