Every project is important to us, large or small.

It is a component of your overall business initiative and needs to be placed
in the appropriate context, relative to existing strategy and material.
Therefore, we have prepared below, a list of important points of reference,
from which we will derive a Design Brief, the roadmap for a successful project.

This will assist you​ when providing us with initial information
and assist us in our understanding of your request.


have an idea, a product or a service.
wish to communicate this, to potential or existing customers.
know your objective.
know your schedule.
wish to, or have identified the means to do this.
want this initiative to be new, or derivative of existing material.
want this to be a one shot or ongoing.
know your target market, their likes and dislikes.
want to know the cost of this.
have background material and components needed for this project.
have examples of similar items, or wish to begin with a clean slate.